May 16, 2021

14-20 July – Weekly Tarot – Prediction By Indrani


ARIES:  Balance is required in personal and work life. Both the sector are blossoming . Your are shining bright in work life however towards of mid of month you may feel that few relationships and issues needs your attention and resolve. Your perspective and your approach needs to be balanced.LUCKY DAYS : 19, 20


TAURUS: Your mind is all riled up and now almost desperate to resolve certain issues which has been disturbing your peace for quiet some time now. You also have solutions and some plans ahead but knowing when the time is right is of utmost importance. Donot act in haste. Donot hurry or push anything against time.LUCKY DAYS: 14


GEMINI It will be a calmer and easy going week this time. Much of your struggles or issues may seem to be moving towards necessary resolve. You may feel like being able to ultimately be assertive about your feelings and desires. Work Area also shall now slowly start getting towards a peaceful journey.
LUCKY DAYS : 14, 15, 16


CANCER : This week may be chaotic with mind occupied with relationship thoughts and professional issues. You may feel at times restless, anxious or even defeated at times. Towards end of week your relationship issues may seen to calm down and your professional area may still need lot of your calm and logical attention. Maintain your mental Balance 
LUCKY DAYS 15, 16, 19


LEO : Natives may feel a bit on the edge at times or like giving up at times when you may not achieve desired results or destinations seems a little far. But understand if you stay Afloat and keep maintaining your pace and track you would really reach your destination. Employ your full potential and use your logical prowess and you are an unstoppable force.
LUCKY DAYS:  14, 16, 17, 18, 19


VIRGO : This week you may find amidst lot of people and their problems. Also your closest relationships too demand your compassionate attention. You are at your networking best and it is also a time to have some fun and enjoy a fun outing or relaxation. Keep yourself calm so that you can handle all these spotlight. Speak with compassion and love.  LUCKY DAYS: 14, 15, 16, 19, 20


LIBRA : This is a week when you need to keep your emotions under control and your strength stamina needs to employed to its full potential. You have everything that you need to reach that goal which you dream of. You can realise everything with a sharp mind, agile body and mental strength. It is a powerful week.
LUCKY DAYS : 14, 16, 17, 18, 19


SCORPIO : Many natives may feel disoriented and gloomy. Also you may feel neglected by few people or Lonely. Past Baggage may disturb you. You need to connect with some trusted confidant and express yourself to your hearts content. Also focus on your goals and start doing things which you wanted. Understand your future is more important than your past. Present happiness is of utmost importance than all.
LUCKY DAYS : 16, 17, 19, 20


SAGITTARIUS: Many natives may feel they are torn between issues now. Understand escaping is no solution and you need to address this issues which you had been avoiding from a long time now. It demands action and resolve. You need to express your desires, doubts and feelings to with utmost authenticity and honesty.. You also need to express your expectations too.


CAPRICORN: Many natives may find themselves in a deadlock from where they can only come out with a solution or addressing important issues of life that had been hovering from time to time. It can be an emotional roller coaster ride this week but know that by the end of the week you would see everything clearly and all will have to fall into their necessary places.LUCKY DAYS : 14, 16, 17, 18, 19


AQUARIUS : Many natives may feel like connecting to people with compassion help and support. You may feel happy and harmonious at heart. Also Spirituality is rising in your mind and you now understand your role. Your mind is moving towards your self care, healing , beauty of self as you finally are able to see a bright light ahead. You will slowly forget your past stress.
LUCKY DAYS : 15, 16, 19, 20


PISCES : This week will offer enough moments to lose your mind or become restless or nervous or even confused. However know that  all is in your hands and your decisiveness of how to solve and change every situation to your ease. Destiny is throwing enough opportunities for you to reachout to people projects and with a calm and clear mind only you can reach out to them. Relation should be handled tenderly.
LUCKY DAYS : 17, 18, 19

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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