January 15, 2021
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1st NRB Convention Connecting and Bonding

Embedded in the heart of India is Bihar, a land where cultures have evolved and religions emerged. The greatness of Bihar lies not only in this confluence but also in the emergence of cultural and religious traditions along some of the greatest rivers in the Indian sub-continent – the Ganga and the Gandak. Exploring Bihar along the mighty rivers takes the visitors on a magical trip. The Heritage Arc in Bihar provides an opportunity to explore the state in all its glory.

Bihar’s BJP NRI/NRB Cell is organizing NRB’S Meet (NAYE BHARAT KAA NAYA BIHAR) Bihar 2020: An International Conference cum Meet to provide a platform for NRB’S, to facilitate a stage of continuous communication and interaction between Non-Resident Bihari’s with Bihar’s Residents. This Conference will facilitate a platform to promote & facilitate well being of Bihari’s living with emotional touches in different parts of the country and globe, would like to share their success story. The conference is scheduled on 29 Th February 2020, Gyan Bhawan Gandhi Maidan Patna, and Bihar.

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