January 27, 2021

2019 Forecast By Tarot – By Pt Vikram Gaur


Whats in 2019 – King of Coins

Relationships in 2019 – Ace of Wands

Career development in 2019 – The Devil

In terms of your attitude and approach to money, property, possessions and resources,’ growing up’ is in cards. Progress will be made, and new confidence will emerge in both your ability to manage your finances and your sense of control and resilience.

Return to the basics and remember why you like people and what you like to do with them. Fake friends, acquaintances and social media circles all fade into the background as you concentrate on people who are true to you.

A new romance, with a fellow Fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), is possible or a step forwards in the commitment level of your current relationship.

Establishing a new, positive pattern of the way you work (or look for work) will pay back handsomely.


Whats in 2019 – King of Cups

Relationships in 2019 – Six of Swords

Career development in 2019 – The Wheel of Fortune

This year, your love life and close relationships are transforming, but for the better. The more you give, the more you receive and like this new way of behavior quickly. It’s a positive cycle, it works.

Some things belong in the past. Don’t feel sad, and you have nothing to lose, because all you release is fading or negative energy anyway. Do not hesitate to let people go, or you know that relationship patterns aren’t working.

Everything changes! Wow, the transformation card sweeps into your workplace life. Minimum effort for maximum recompense. Pick your spot carefully, therefore. What would one thing make a difference? Do this, and watch the chains unfold.


Whats in 2019 – Seven of Swords

Relationships in 2019 – The Hierophant

Career development in 2019 – The Lovers

Your natural openness and willingness to say anything in your mind at any point in time develops into a more cautious and cautious approach. You know that some people twist what you say according to their own agenda, talk shit or fight quickly. It’s sometimes wiser to remain silent and keep your ideas to yourself.

This year a deeper commitment to those who really matter unfolds. Moving in, engagement, marriage, vow renewal, children are ALL on the cards in 2019. For single Geminis, watch out for a Virgo about to rock your world.

Your divided feelings, conflicting priorities or career plans reach a hot spot and you make a final, positive and lasting choice.


Whats in 2019 – The Wheel of Fortune

Relationships in 2019 – Two of Coins

Career development in 2019 – Six of Swords

This year’s name of the game is transformation! And all you need is one change. Minimum effort for maximum reward, for the universe is now behind you. Pick your spot carefully, therefore. What would one thing make a difference? Do it. Do it.

I feel a bit of ‘ field playing ‘ for single Cancerians. You feel safe enough to enjoy friendships and good company beyond your partner for those who are already in love. Your feeling and goodwill surrounded by good people.

At some point this year, perhaps around midway, you start to get itchy feet, or an opportunity appears on the horizon that you can’t refuse. At this point, don’t get out of it or talk… just take a leap of faith!


Whats in 2019 – Three of Wands

Relationships in 2019 – Page of Wands

Career development in 2019 – Page of Swords

This year’s chance knocks for you, Leo! There are many ships coming in, but then they leave again, so be sure to quickly get on board with those you like.

In 2019, fun with a’ F ‘ capital, whether you’re single or tied. You’re gon na be surprised at what you find. Also waiting for a compatible Fire sign match: a red – hot Leo, Aries or Sagittarius..

Something kept you back on your career path and you could identify yourself as the root cause if you look hard enough. Finally, you begin to play the right game, get on the pitch and score. It feels awesome. It’s a long time coming.


Whats in 2019 – Three of Cups

Relationships in 2019 – The Moon

Career development in 2019 – The Star

Your love and relationships are for you at the heart of 2019. You relax and enjoy more than ever socializing and fostering these relationships.

You are worriers and you worry about what people think, how they judge you, what your partner really wants, and so on. It will surely lead to a renewal of the relationships you realize that you can count on and what matters most. You prioritise people.

The star is the wishful thinking card of the tarot and asks you to aim high. The more you reach, the better the result. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do here? Don’t waste this wonderful, positive energy.


Whats in 2019 – Ten of Coins

Relationships in 2019 – Nine of Wands

Career development in 2019 – Ace of Wands

This is a year in which you will deepen your roots, commitment and security. You’ll consider marriage if you’re in love. You’ll be promoted if you’re in your dream job. If you work at home, you’ll upgrade.

There is definitely a new job or addition of new responsibilities or sidelines on the cards. Take new opportunities this year inspiring and motivating you. Otherwise, wait for something else because the new project / job is exciting.


Whats in 2019 – Queen of Swords

Relationships in 2019 – Temperance

Career development in 2019 – Ten of Wands

In any case, you are a tough cookie, but in 2019 you will become even more resilient, independent and self – confident. Everything you carve for yourself alone will be very successful and fulfilling.

In your relationship landscape, a ‘ new normal’ emerges, a new attitude and perspective towards others that will prove to be a significant turning point in how much pleasure you derive from your closest connections. A fiery red – hot Sagittarius is on the cards for singles.

You are a grafter, and when it comes to work, you have a big engine, but you have your limits. Look for signs of fatigue or stress in your work environment (in yourself or close colleagues) this year and be ready to make changes to it. Look after yourself a little bit more.


Whats in 2019 – King of Wands

Relationships in 2019 – Knight of Wands

Career development in 2019 – King of Cups

Be ready for an adventure and take risks, plenty of opportunities to travel, do different things, take on new activities, meet new people and generally broaden your horizons in every way you can.

The coming year is a red hot festival of passion. Mostly with other signs for fire i.e. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Whatever flash you have becomes an even brighter light. The key is to share journeys, adventures and interests. They stay together, they play together!

If your work doesn’t feel like playing / having fun, ask yourself if you’re in the right position or on the ideal career. This is a year for you to take steps, invest and educate yourself in a field in which you really belong.


Whats in 2019 – Four of Swords

Relationships in 2019 – Three of Cups

Career development in 2019 – Death

You are a stubborn, dogged star sign who never stops persevering and trying to improve and advance. In 2019, you relax and switch the gears a little down.

A fantastic romance year!. You’re stopping trying so hard to impress others and just relaxing. Enjoy and build your life around people you love and like.

There’s a sense of change here. You may actually seek a more sincere career path. In 2019, anything is possible, so dare dream. This is the year, if you want to change course.


Whats in 2019 – Two of Wands

Relationships in 2019 – The Hanged Man

Career development in 2019 – The High Priestess

You reach a crossroads this year. You ‘ve seen one coming, but you still felt confused about how to deal with it. The trick is not to get stuck here. Make conscious choices throughout the year, stay in control, and you’ll make real progress.

You may feel that your love life has recently reached a plateau or stalled. Perhaps not even in a bad way, only in a comfortable way ” we are where we are. ” Review your situation from various angles. Once you’ve seen it, take ACTION.

This is a year in which you can really adapt to your instincts and intuition, let them guide your career development. Set it to make it a reality. It’s a turning point.


Whats in 2019 – The Hierophant

Relationships in 2019 – Five of Swords

Career development in 2019 – The Fool

This year, you will understand clearly what you believe in, what your foundations are and where your faith is best placed. Your confidence and faith are important. Everything will come about in 2019.

Focus your energy in the right place and reduce your losses with people or situations that prove to be a no winning competition. For single Pisceans, a feisty Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will create a stimulating match.

If you so wish, you can turn the page into a completely new chapter. Somewhat optimistic and enthusiastic about it, something else can turn a blind eye to… but who cares, they don’t have to live your life-you do! Complete transformation is possible, regard seriously whatever you want.

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