April 19, 2019

Here’s why you have to see Amit Khanna’s latest celeb calendar!

Photographer Amit Khanna has clearly outdone himself in Parimal Modelling Academy’s Glam Onn 2019 Calendar. The calendar, that was launched at the Moonshine Bar in Andheri recently, has photographs by Amit who has clicked a total of 38 artists. Celebrities such as Shakti Arora, Neha Saxena, Chetna Pandey, Mrunal Jain, Gia Manek and Ankit Bhatia have been featured.

Talking about the concept of the celeb calendar, Amit says, “The calendar is called “Glam-Onn”. It depicts glamour in all walks of life. It’s all about being comfortable the way you are yet being glamorous. Each shot is different from the other as glamour does not bind itself to any one image. The umbrella is huge hence we have twelve totally different images.”

The photographer is very grateful to the celebrities who agreed to be part of the project. “I didn’t really choose the artists in the calendar. I was very fortunate that most of them gave us their time and were willing to be part of our thought and our creativity. I was extremely overwhelmed with their posing as well as support and spunk,” he says.

Each picture seems to have been carefully thought of and the concept well executed. The photographer says that there is a unique story that each of the 12 pictures tell. “Well, each picture is largely different from the other in terms of colour tones, angles, reflections. We have tried to incorporate different styles and types of photography as well as looks in the pictures which make each unique in its own way,” he says. “It is a proud moment for me, to see my students and models being part of Glam Onn, alongside Actors and Supermodels. This collaboration with Amit, is only the start of something bigger and better for the Academy,” Parimal Mehhta says. This is the 4th Year Amit has come up with his unique calendar.

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