April 22, 2019


HIGHLIGHTS: 21st January to 26h January 2019

21st January 2019- 10pm

Fierce Fighters

Tonight in Natural World: Africa’s Giant Killers, Africa’s largest herd of elephants and a fearless pride of young lions will come face to face in an epic fight for survival. Rarely do their worlds collide, until now. Watch the episode on 21st January 2019 at 10pm on Animal Planet.

22nd January 2019- 10pm

India’s Wild Tales

Watch The Pack show from India’s Wild Tales where Kennai, the alpha female wild dog has increased the size of her pack. But then comes her ultimate test, as the pack take on a tigress. Will they all survive? Watch the episode on 22nd January 2019 at 10pm on Animal Planet.

23rd January 2019- 9pm

India’s Wild Tales

India’s Wild Tales brings Asian Slayer tonight where the host of the show Jeremy will travel to the Himalayas to investigate river attacks and will learns that the culprit is a sacred animal. Does he heed warnings not to touch the creature? Watch the episode on 23rd January 2019 at 9pm on Animal Planet.

24th January 2019- 7pm

Big Cat Tales

Bahati the leopard struggles to protect her cubs from baboons and lions. Meanwhile, the arrival of six nomad male lions will put the entire Marsh Pride at risk. Watch the episode on 24th January 2019 at 7pm on Animal Planet.

25th January 2019- 9pm

Wild Frank in India

As a part of Big Cat Tales, tonight’s episode will have Wild Frank in India where Frank is on his quest for tigers and find out how he makes traveling acquaintance with numerous other exotic representatives of the animal kingdom like elephants, yaks and snake. This time he is looking for the Bengal Tiger, one of the most endangered species on the planet. Frank wants to reach the “last Bengal Tiger” and show it as it is, in its natural and wild state. Watch episode on 25th January 2019 at 9pm on Animal Planet.

26th January 2019- 9pm

Animal Planet Exclusives

Watch New Life: Born to Run as a part of Animal Planet exclusives where we will take viewers to witness birth of millions of baby animals at the same time. All of them must struggle to their feet in minutes. If they don’t, they will be picked off by predators. Whatever their role in life, little ones will face one challenge after another, whether it’s trying to keep up with the herd during migration or getting stuck in the mud during a drought. The point will come in every young animal’s life when the skills it learned will be put to good use. And when his time comes, he proves he was born to run! Watch the exclusive show on 26th January 2019 at 9pm on Animal Planet.

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