April 22, 2019

Moon Banerrjee gets candid

Actor Moon Banerrjee , who is currently seen as Gayatri in Muskaan, talks about the show, her team and what keeps her happy.

How do u feel on Muskaan turning 200?

Muskaan turning 200 is definitely an amazing feeling. I wish it crosses 2000 and more.

What brings the smile on the set on your face?

Every morning, heading to work gets a smile and gratitude.

Who is your favourite co-star on the set and why?

I get along with everyone, so no favourites as such. I am not too keen on favouritism and groupism as it takes away the bonding on a team level.

Who brings the smile in your life all the time?

Undoubtedly, my son (the one and only love of my life).

Do you play any pranks on the set? Any interesting experience from the set?

Yes, I keep playing pranks like. When we played Secret Santa on the set, I kept playing along with everyone individually saying that I know whose names they have. And with some, I finally managed to get the names as well. So, secret Santa was quite an experience in itself which engaged everyone in conversation and helped in bonding.

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