April 19, 2019

Personality- the permanent costume

PERSONALITY ……Personality is a set of characteristics like behavior,cognition and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors .
We can conclude personality as the combination of characteristics and qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.
The type of person you are, is evident by the way you behave, feel and think.
WHAT SHOULD ONE DO FOR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT.. Here are some tips which should always be focused regarding personality development.

  • Always be confident , have trust and believe in yourself.Always think that you are capable and can do all things . Don’t fear for the result of your work, put your energy into your action and you will soon start to notice a difference.
  • Be as you are – Don’t imitate,make your own style in dressing and other activities .Always dress up nicely. Make your key principle and try to live your life in accordance with it.
  • Keep patience- Don’t be in a hurry or think that you do not want to keep others waiting . Set small goals that you know you can achieve and soon you will be setting bigger goals and achieving too.
  • Be a good listener- Always pay attention to person who is speaking, by smiling or by nodding.Don’t interrupt or change the subject and always keep an eye contact.Listen to the words with an open mind and try to make an image what the speaker is saying.
  • Be social- If you are social you will like to be around people.Try to be friendly with everyone.Be a part of party, social-occasions,social-events etc.when you are social you are everyone’s friend.
  • Always keep smiling face- A smile is prettiest thing you can wear.Enjoy each and every moment of your life. Try to find solution if anything happens bad in your life and never give up at any bad moment.
  • Work on your own skills-You should try your capacity and ability through your work-force,this will improve your accuracy and quality of your work.
  • Always appreciate others- Appreciation is a way of letting that person know where they stand and what they mean to you. By appreciation we make others feel good and boost their desire.
  • Try to improve your weak points- Just a small weak point that you know you can do,Do it for a couple of weeks and when you have achieved you will feel like owning million dollars.
  • Think positive- We should kill all negative thoughts which are lying in us ,for this we should practice little bit of self-talk or start writing a journal or blog about ourself.Always think good things about yourself.

Career counselor
Nidhi Gyaneshwar

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