February 23, 2020

Sania asks Kapil to return the utensils on The Kapil Sharma Show

Ace tennis player Sania Mirza will be making an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show along with sister Anam Mirza in the upcoming episode this weekend. Sania who shares a close bond with Kapil found him to have changed after marriage.

Sania who is born and brought up in Hyderabad, has a good command over the Hyderabadi Hindi but she feels that her sister Anam is more adept at speaking the local language. Sania feels that the people of Hyderabad are generally relaxed in nature and a little bit lazy as well, therefore they end up eating words and have short forms of all Hindi words, like aaiku, jaiku, etc.

Speaking about Hyderabad, the Biryani preparation there is world famous. Kapil thanks Sania for treating him and his team to one of the tastiest Biryanis he has ever had when he was in Hyderabad to which Sania immediately snaps and tell him, “you haven’t yet returned the utensils and they keep asking me for it.”

Kapil then recalls the entire incident in detail and says, “We had gone to Hyderabad and wanted to have some Biryani. We called up Sania to enquire about the best place from where we can order. Sania who was in Dubai then, arranged some mouth-watering Biryani for all of us. We went berserk seeing the quantity as it was so much. We sent portions of it to every room and by the end of it, everyone in the hotel including the staff was smelling of Biryani. In the process, few utensils were lost. We thought we would settle the bill for Biryani but instead the person who had got the Biryani started asking about his utensils.”

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