June 27, 2019

People are loving Hanuman Singh: Aniruddh Dave

Actor Aniruddh Dave is elated and cannot thank the maker and writer of Patiala Babes enough for his role Hanuman Singh. He is getting a lot of applause. People across the world are showering praises on Aniruddh. When asked he says,”I am very happy. Every day I am getting outstanding responses. People are loving Hanuman Singh. Television is changing and so is the audience. They want to see good concepts and well written shows. Patiala Babes is different from the rest. My fans this is one of the best role I have played in my career. I have always tried and done higher performance based roles. Right now I am sure there are dozens of police inspectors role on Indian television but Hanuman Singh’s nuances and body languages are different. The show is doing well overseas also in seven-eight countries. The buzz is high in social networking forums. I am thankful to the acclaimed writer and maker Rajita Sharma for making this show.”

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