June 17, 2019

Punjabi Rapper Bohemia & Raftaar talk about their cold war before turning into best Yaars

Catch Rappers Shayar Bohemia & Raftaar this Sunday on the McDowell’s No.1 Soda- No.1 Yaari Jam

Known for his unique style of rapping and making music, Bohemia is considered among the pioneers of the Desi Rap scene. The artist, who started off as a recorder in a studio in Oakland and went on to make some of the best tracks in his time, is making his TV premier with the extremely popular Raftaar. Both the artists who have immense respect for each other and now call themselves “Yaars.” However, this wasn’t always the case.

In the upcoming episode of the No.1 Yaari Jam, Bohemia revealed to the host Salim Merchant that he stopped speaking to Raftaar because of a tiff their friends had.

In a rapid fire quiz, Bohemia also revealed that Raftaar is one artist that he is really looking forward to collaborating soon.

The show this week will also see them performing their classic hits.

To hear more about the duo’s friendship, music and writing styles, tune into the McDowell’s No.1 Soda- No.1 Yaari Jam every Sunday at 10:00 PM only on Star Bharat

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