August 18, 2019

Excess social media will harm our personality…..

Everyone wants to do something of their own interest which may include photography , tourism , adventurism, writing, reading etc. For reaching out to their interest they need a platform and here they come in contact with social media .Basically social media is used by the people to communicate and interact with each other. It is so flexible that we can interact anywhere and at anytime.It works like a bridge between families and loved ones who are far away from each other.Today it is very useful for one’s life but at the same time excess use of it can cause conflicts which will negatively impact a person.More and more adults and teenagers are joining social networking such as Facebook, Pinterest ,Twitter, Instagram etc to interact with friends ,family and strangers .For some of them it becomes very important in their life since it is directly related to their profession however some people with no relation to their profession just involve themselves fully in social media.Excess of it results in addiction and many more. Here we shall discuss some of the demerits which harms our personality .

  • Wastage of Time :- A study and interview results show that 57% of the adult and teenager confessed that they spend at least 7 to 8 hours daily on social media platform.This habit makes them addict. (
  • Exposes your identity:- It transfers various information, picture ,audio recording and videos to others which is very harmful for individuals personality
  • It disturbs our mental peace and sleep :- A study shows that excess use of social media makes us unhappy and isolated which results in the poor quality of sleep .
  • Cuts you off from social gathering:- American journal of epidemiology that assists 5208 subjects, found that regular use of Facebook had a negative impact on individuals and makes them spend time in isolation.
  • Promotes inactivity:- National institute of health says that while using smartphones for texting of social Media , it burns just one calorie in an hour because the energy expenditure is next to nothing and this causes obesity,diabeties and many more physical problems (Forbes).
  • It compacts your thinking :- Spending most of the time on social media restricts our brain to the screen.It also affects the mental health and growth. We can say that social media has become one of the major part in our life but we should use social media properly and wisely .Smart and proper use of social media can improve our personality but on the other hand it can also be a disaster in case we use social media in excess.

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