August 18, 2019

I don’t see a reason why TV actors should not look at films.: Vivek Dahiya

It’s been over 4 years & 4 shows for the business analyst from UK to call Mumbai his home & chase his dream. Brought up in Chandigarh & studied & worked abroad, Vivek found his calling & landed in Mumbai to give acting a shot & already makes for one of the hottest men on television. Kick-starting his career with a negative role in Veer Ki Ardaas… Veera, Vivek made way & became a part of two big supernatural thrillers as the protagonist. In a candid chat on his plans once the finite series wraps up, Vivek looks forward to some interesting work & believes he’s prepared for it.

Touted as one of the fit men on television, Vivek believes it’s a sea of opportunities for actors this season, ‘People have started to look beyond the superstars, there’s now enough room & acceptance for newer & younger actors who deliver. 2018 was a progressive year for cinema goers & widened horizons & also ignited a new passion & excitement for actors, directors who don’t necessarily have the big actors or bigger budgets. There was a wave of content driven cinema. With massive exposure to global entertainment, it takes a lot now to please your audience now, they have become smarter & think twice before spending money on a movie ticket & in true sense decide the fate of the movie irrespective of the cast.’

Bollywood’s SRK, Vidya Balan, Sushant Singh Rajput, Ram Kapoor, & few others who started off their careers with television display an example that talent can go places. Hopeful for some interesting work in the movies, Vivek shares, ‘TV actors should be a good choice for film-makers. There’s no way a TV actor can’t do what a movie actor can. There’s a pool of talent & unmatched popularity in the remotest areas where a film doesn’t reach but a TV show has. They spend more hours a day for majority days of the year on a daily show, hence technically sound, have their basics in place. The practice they go through each day is unparalleled as what is demanded of them for TV. Film as a medium may change, but also TV actors are quick learners as they seldom get to prepare for a scene well in advance as Indian TV shows run on a TRP model. They can adapt easily & they bring a certain set of followers already. I don’t see a reason why TV actors should not look at films.’

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