August 18, 2019

Kishori Shahane Vij : It was an amazing experience

Actor Kishori Shahane Vij had the honor of being part of Marathi show Kanala Khada, that airs on Zee Marathi. The actor was a guest on the show and had an amazing time.

“This show’s format is complete for, of and by the celebrities. Friends and family come on the show and speak about the celebrity. It was a wonderful experience,” she says.

In fact, the actor was accompanied by her family as well. “It was the first time where my husband(Deepak Balraj Vij,) son(Bobby Vij) and my mother (Vandana Shahane) came on a show with me,” she says.

The show has an amazing concept, says the actor. “The show has a very good flavor. There are some facts of life where you feel you are fine but there actually is something that is not right, the show has a nice way of bringing those up. Some big points of life which your friends and family have noticed but have not really brought forward. This show gives them a chance to bring those forward. Initially, Sanjay Mone took a personal interview. Then one after another, my family came to the show. So we talked about my journey. When my son walked in, I was shocked as he is fluent in Hindi and English but when he spoke in Marathi, I felt very good. So, all in all, it was a wonderful experience,” she says.

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