August 18, 2019

Prank on Rohit by Punit and Vikas backfires

One of the most outstanding performers in this season of Kharton Ke Khiladi has been Punit Pathak. Not only has his dance moves won hearts but his ‘never say die’ attitude to perform stunts has got him brownie points with the host Rohit Shetty. As he is moving on in the show his confidence levels are going up and he is becoming more notorious with the crew of the show. In a move to trouble Rohit, Punit joined hands with Vikas Gupta to play a prank on him.

The prankster duo secretly got through to Rohit’s vanity van and applied itch inducing powder on his clothes so create trouble for him on the sets. Unaware of the fact that Rohit was in knowhow of this prank they left the vanity to join rest of the team and carry on the shoot for the show. As the shooting began, Rohit calls out Punit and Vikas and confronts them and expresses his disappointment on this behavior, this situation left them red faced with embarrassment. The atmosphere on the set became so intense that everyone thought it would be a wrap for the day for all of them. It was only little later they all got to know that Rohit knew about the prank and its not easy to match up with him in plotting pranks as he had reversed it on Punit and Vikas. The prankster duo realized that the joke was on them and bowed down to the action guru.

According to the sources from the shoot, “Punit is one of the most prominent contestant on the show. He is a live wire both on and off the shoot. From the start we’ve noticed that Punit plays a lot of pranks and this time around he didn’t shy away from reaching out to Rohit Shetty. When Rohit Shetty came to know about the prank, he decided to play a reverse prank on Punit and Vikas in a different avatar. Unaware of the Rohit’s prank, the contestants were left shell-shocked.”

Will this be the only tough moment for the Khiladis or Rohit has got more surprises up his sleeves for them?

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