August 18, 2019

Sanjay Gandhi goes bald for his role in COLORS’ Udaan

COLORS’ longest running show Udaan has intrigued the viewers with its edgy storyline that brings alive the emotion of freedom from societal norms. Chakor’s journey from a confident little girl to fighting her battles, to becoming a mother and the various struggles she fought with courage for justice has struck a chord with many.

Just when Chakor is about to start a new chapter of her life with Raghu (Vijayendra Kumeria), a new storm hits her and Azadganj in the form of Bhanu Pratap Singh essayed by the veteran actor Sanjay Gandhi.

Bhanu Partap Singh is a businessman aiming to make a strong foothold in Azadganj by setting up a factory and is driven by his own self-serving motives. While Bhanu Pratap tries to lure people with his false promise, Raghu and Chakor try to hamper his plans which makes him lose his cool. An insulted Bhanu Pratap Singh decides to take an oath by shaving off his hair and promises to create a havoc in Raghu and Chakor’s life. In a very dramatic twist, the actor took a daring step fo shaving his head onscreen to play the role with perfection.

Talking about his decision to go bald, Sanjay Gandhi said, “Going bald or playing a grey character is something that makes an actor think twice before taking up a role. But, I didn’t need much convincing because I was intrigued by the intensity of the character that was offered to me. I felt keeping it natural and going bald for real would add to the character than using any prosthetics.”

To find out, don’t miss watching Udann, every Monday to Friday at 7.00 pm, only on COLORS!

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