October 16, 2019

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Parents play an important role in their child’s development. Father and mother have an impact on their child’s mental, physical, social, and career development .They help their child in every step of life .
They also have an equally important role during the Exam’s phase as it is very stressful for students and parents too.Parents can help their children in the following ways during examination :-

1.Don’t create stressful surroundings :- Stress is an individual’s response to pressure.It usually occurs during the period of exams, therefore, it is very important for parents to give stressless atmosphere to their child.
2 .Help your child while preparing a timetable at home:- Be careful and don’t pressurize your child by imposing your time table.You have to help your child in making it.Remember,it should be convenient for the child.
3 .Give proper diet:-Peanut butter cups and chocolate bars with nuts are brilliant brain food and addictive too.. @ clare Reidy 1. (forbes: from: Irish times.com).

4 . Divide the entire study time into small slots:-This will help your child to concentrate and take interest while studying.
5 .Try to clear all doubts at same time :-Don’t keep doubt to be cleared in future. As soon as your child comes to you with doubts,just clear them at once.
6 .Dont mug-up :- Don’t take more than two subjects per day.You can take one difficult and one easy subject as per your child’s wish.
7 .Make your child a smart hard worker:- Help your child in electronic learning.Make simple points on theorem and vocabulary.You can use some sign or symbols of your choice to make easy learning. Make notes while studying .

8 .Always motivate your child:-” Yes you can do it ,only little bit is left” are the words to be used. Motivate them by giving rewards and appreciate by making their favourite meals and supplements.
9 .Be polite and faithful :- Your child should know that you are always there to help them.

10 .Do regular checking:- Is your child seriously studying or just killing his/her time. Be careful😎 For this you have to remember the page on which your child is studying and after some time check it whether he or she is on the same page or on next one 😄
11 . Ask questions in between:-Try to ask questions in between, those are related to the topic .If your child gets stuck, don’t try to look up for solution quickly.Ask your child to work on their own and help them to find the solution in the end.( you can log on to Google )

12 .Prepare skillful methods and make study effective :- Plan short targets which your child can achieve in each study sessions.

13 .Give your child a proper sleep:- “sleep is fundamental to performing well at school.” notes Jordan. forbes: (family zone team) .
14 .Understand – Learn – Write :- Motivate your child to do learning by writing. Sometimes it happens that our hands help us at the time of pause,while writing answers in exams.
15.Provide balanced and helping study material:- At times we think, that by providing more and more helping material other than text book, for the studies,we are helping a child but it is not so as it makes them confused and they even lose their track.

“CELEBRATE YOUR EXAMS LIKE A FESTIVAL NOT LIKE A BURDEN”:-by Honorable Prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi (Pariksha par charcha 2.0)

Nidhi Gyaneshwar
Career counselor

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