February 21, 2020

Ravi Dubey doles out style advise!

Who says getting decked up is only something that women do? Actor Ravi Dubey says that grooming oneself is as important for men, as it is for women. “The trends are definitely changing. I think women are a great inspiration in every field, even in the field of fashion. It’s just the fact that women take such good care of themselves, so I think that in itself has inspired men to do the same. If you are walking with a lady who is looking so stunning, so you got to look your part as well. So, it’s not undue pressure but necessary pressure that has been put on men. Men should look good and dress well. What you wear, how you wear it and how you carry it, adds to your personality. When you walk the red carpet looking great, you feel good about yourself and that kind of reflects on your overall personality. So, fashion and dressing good is an extension of your personality,” says Ravi, who makes sure to look dashing in every public appearance.

He adds, “I think men’s grooming is very important. Have you ever seen an ungroomed Army man? I don’t think so as they take care of themselves and they take care of their presence. Even during our school days, we had to be extremely groomed, as that is how we were taught to present ourselves when we grew up. How you look and present yourself is the first impression you make on people.”

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