June 20, 2019

Deshna Dugad to play a young wrestler in Kesari Nandan

COLORS’ popular show Kesari Nandan, is an inspirational story which chronicles the struggles 0f a young girl Kesari (Chahat Tewani), who aims to excel in a sport like wrestling. Since its inception, audience witnessed various ups and downs in the life of Kesari. Now, the show is now all set to introduce a new character who will bring some unexpected twists in her. Entering as Kalki will be the child artist, Deshna Dugad

Coming from a rich background, Kalki was born in a Palace. Her father Ranaji (Ayaz Khan) sent her to London along with her mother so that she could complete her studies. On one of the visits Ranaji is happy to find out that his daughter is very good in wrestling. He gets her a professional wrestler to train and wishes for her to come back home to represent India in Olympics. So, when the time is right, she is called back to India to further train and participate in tournaments.

In the current track, Kesari is fighting against all the odds to resume her education and training for wrestling. On the other hand, she is also going through a troublesome phase as her brother Jagat (Shoaib Ali) won’t be able to walk lifelong, owing to an accident. However, now Jagat will be seen supporting Kesari and will take her to Dhanwa wrestling association.

Commenting on her role, Deshna Dugad, said, “I am very happy to be a part of the show a like Kesari Nandan. It has a very inspiring storyline which encourages girls to take up sports and I personally would love to take up such an initiative in future. I am looking forward to working with cast especially Chahat and would like to thank COLORS for giving me this opportunity.”

How will Deshna Dugad’s entry change the life of Kesari?

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