August 18, 2019

Lyricist in the making!

  • Juhi Parmar’s daughter Samaira, recites a poem she wrote for her mom

Celebrating the beauty of mother-daughter relationship the upcoming episode of COLORS’ Kitchen Champion will be a ‘Dil Ka Rishta’ episode. Juhi Parmar along with her mother and daughter, Samaira will compete against Manasi Pareekh who will be joined by her mother and her daughter, Nirvi.

The episode will be a perfect mix of entertainment and emotions which will surely entail the viewers with a quriky three – generation mother daughter equation. While having a great time cooking, Juhi also shared some fun and some troublesome habits of her daughter Samaira in which she also mentioned that she recites poems very well.

Taking advanatge of this perfect situation, host Arjun Bijlani got Samaira on stage and asked her to recite a poem. Samaira took Juhi by surprise when she recited a poem for her which she had written by herself. This gesture of love by her daughter left Juhi speechless, emotional and proud.

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