June 27, 2019
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The Heartfulness Way : Book Launch

New Delhi:  Joshua  Pollock,  a heartfulness trainer and practitioner from United States  launched   The Heartfulness Way, which he has co-authored with his mentor Kamlesh D. Patel on thrusday  at oxford book store New Delhi . The western classical violinist , who performed and taught throughout the world . Joshua did multiple collaborations with composer A.R. Rahman . He has worked with AR Rahman on films such as Ghajini and Delhi 6 .

During book launch , Pollock conducted a meditation session for the audience .  He met Kamlesh D. Patel in Chennai while working as an instructor in AR Rahman’s KM Conservatory from 2008 to 2010. He is a dedicated spiritual aspirant and enthusiastic about sharing his passion for meditation.

According to the Joshua Pollock “People wonder if the impulses are coming from the mind or the heart and which one to listen to. Meditation help you clearly perceive the inner guidance.”

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