June 27, 2019

BCL is an event where we get to meet new people : Riya Deepsi

Actress Riya Deepsi is playing for Goa Killers this year in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s AR Mrs. India MTV BCL and the pretty actress is very excited about the tournament. Speaking about that Riya says,” I am not a big fan of cricket matches but BCL is live cricket and very entertaining. We play inside the studios with a smiley ball. But let me tell you whenever two strong opponents meet on the ground they are full of aggression. For the last two weeks, since the time we have started practicing, I am fully committed to this. BCL is an event where we get to meet new people. A new group of friends comes into your life. Whichever sports I play my sportsman spirit is always on the higher side.” Riya also shares about her favorite cricketer,” MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are both great captains and the way they have taken our country ahead is amazing.” Post Porus Riya has been doing a few commercials and some digital work which is yet to be streamed. She adds,” I am looking forward to some interesting work and adventures.”

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