June 27, 2019

Chaitanya Chaudhary on being part of ACB

Feels great to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played

Actor Chaitanya Chaudhary is ecstatic about being part of the Actors Cricket Bash as he feels the tournament will involve some authentic cricket and a lot of fun and competition.

Actors Cricket Bash is the newest cricket league.

How do you feel being part of it as it is original cricket with actual cricket kit?

A. I am feeling really happy to be part of this league. It feels great to be playing the game as it’s meant to be played.

ACB will only have men as cricket players so will the competition streak be more?

A. Where there is cricket, there will be competition, especially among men.

What do you think of cricket which is religion in India?

A. It’s the best game and everyone plays the game with passion, especially here in India

Which is your favourite Test matches, One day or T20 matches?

A. I just simply love all forms though T20 makes the game pretty exciting.

This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time?

A. India stands an excellent chance but will be strongly challenged by England

How you are preparing for ACB?

A. I have not played cricket for a long time and just started hitting the nets.

Who is your favourite cricketer and why?

A. M.S. Dhoni all the way! I admire the way he plays the game with calmness, wit, integrity and true grit.

What are your expectations from Actors Cricket bash

I am expecting it to be something which is hugely successful. It should be a yearly event to look forward to for all of us.

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