June 27, 2019

“Ek Hakikat Ganga” Opens the Path for Meaningful Content

“Ek Hakikat Ganga” Opens the Path for Meaningful Content with its Huge Success at the Silver Screen
Bollywood is no more considered as a typical masala genre where movies were proclaimed hit because of powerful star cast and music. Now audience gives nod to only those movies that have engrossing and meaningful subject line. “Ek Hakikat Ganga” which is a venture by Fly Musicment India Pvt. Ltd. released this Friday, and became an instant hit with viewers because of its subject line, excellent music and strong performance by its star cast Ritesh Bora, Rachna Suyal, Raza Murad, Pramod Moutho, Ali khan, Gauri Shanker, Bhagyashree etc.

“Ek Hakikat Ganga” depicts the journey of a child widow “Ganga” the part has been beautifully portrayed by debutant Rachna Suyal. The film is written and directed by Ritesh Bora who also acts in the movie.

The plot was a very sensitive one and Ritesh Bora like a true artist not only painted the sad and horrifying truth on the silver screen as a director but also with his acting gave life to the character.

Arun kumar Pandey & Mamta Shah are Producer and Co-producer of the film respectively.

Raza Murad who is known for the various characters that he has played in various movies is playing an integral part in the movie.

The movie has been received well by both critics and viewers and has been given 3.5 stars because of its heart touching portrayal of the horrifying tradition that still happens in various parts of India.

Ritesh Bora when asked about his feelings on the success said, “For me it’s not a movie rather it’s my duty which I have performed of making Indian audience aware of this inhuman tradition, and the fact that it has been well received, makes me feel that my mission has been accomplished.”

Raza Murad who is known for his strong performance said, “I say yes to role only when I feel that it has a message and I can justify that message, as an actor I believe that when we get chance to put forth our views as our characters, than we should make most of it and entertainment and social message should go hand in hand.”

Rachna Suyal who has debuted with this movie expressed her excitement saying, “I am lucky and thankful to Mr. Ritesh Bora and Fly Musicment for giving me this opportunity, I chose this movie because of its powerful and meaningful script. The fact that audience have appreciated “Ganga” is my achievement.”

Fly Musicment is all set for their next feature comedy film with Director Guru Savan

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