July 16, 2019

Mika Singh to help a contestant of Rising Star 3 complete her studies

Music can break barriers and strike various emotional chords. Recently, on COLORS’ Rising Star 3, a contestant from Kolkata, Pooja impressed Mika Singh with her soulful performance. Mika, who was present on the show as a celebrity guest, was hoping that Pooja would get selected to the next round as she performed against Salaamat, in the Duels ki Takkar. However, the audience thought otherwise and Pooja was ousted.

While talking to Pooja, Mika realised that she hopes to pursue her studies further but might not be able to do so due to her financial background. After hearing her story, Mika got emotional and immediately offered her financial support so that she doesn’t have to give up on studies or music.

Commenting on this, Mika Singh said, “ I wanted the contestants to follow their dream without any burden of responsibilities. It was just a small gesture to encourage them to give theirbest performance in the show. Salaamat wanted to educate his wife whereas Pooja wanted to pursue further study. I am going to help both Pooja and Salmaat’s wife with their further studies”.

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