July 28, 2021
Daily Events

Gurgaon : Kamdhenu Jeevandhara, CSR wing of Kamdhenu Limited, a full-scale one stop building materials solutions company, today distributed sewing machines to underprivileged women and girls who successfully completed ‘Tailoring  Training Program’ organized by the company to impart tailoring skills and help them become economically self-sufficient and independent.  Mr Satish Kumar Agarwal, CMD, Kamdhenu Limited and Mrs Radha Agarwal, Chairperson – Kamdhenu Jeevandhara handed over the sewing machines to the women and girls at a ceremony held at company’s Tailoring Training Centre in Gurgaon.

Kamdhenu Jeevandhara Tailoring Training Program Mrs. Radha Agarwal said

“Women’s economic empowerment is a pre-requisite for inclusive and equitable economic growth. , we take pride in organizing free skill development programs to make a difference in the lives of those in need. It is a humbling experience for us to see the smiles on the faces of these women and girls who have successfully completed their training program and are all set to begin the new innings in their life. We hope that Kamdhenu Jeevandhara with support of Kamdhenu Limited would continue to serve underprivileged sections of society in the years to come.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Satish Kumar Agarwal said, “At Kamdhenu, we have always believed that business has a responsibility of giving back to the community. Our endeavor to support the society comes into form in the shape of ‘Kamdhenu Jeevandhara’. Adhering to our values, we have always strived to come up with a meticulous approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility in a way such that we are able to do the best that we can on our part.”

Guided by the visionary Chairperson Mrs. Radha Agarwal, Kamdhenu Jeevandhara focuses on the upliftment of the underprivileged women and children. In order to make these children competent to face the competitive world they are imparted with computer education as well. Efforts invested in this direction aims to achieve the larger perspective of eradicating child labor.

‘Kamdhenu Jeevandhara’ is also instrumental in supporting the physically challenged individuals of the society. It organizes various welfare camps for handicaps wherein, they are provided with free artificial limb, wheel chairs, walkers, polio calipers and other body-aid instruments. Medicines & Counseling to the patient and their families are also delivered absolutely free of charge. Kamdhenu Jeevandhara associates with numerous NGOs and other autonomous bodies to help the physically challenged through different means of relief. It recently donated an ambulance to Rotary Club Bhiwadi to help augment healthcare services in Bhiwadi.

About KAMDHENU JEEVANDHARA:                                                                                    

Having weaved a campaign around this philosophy we have launched a ‘Green India’ drive under which our 7500 dealers and distributors are motivated to plant at least 5 saplings each year and nurture them to complete growth. Apart from the environmental safety, another initiative ensuring basic education for the underprivileged children is called KAMDHENU JEEVANDHARA.

We also organize camps, motivational programs, special skills for the physically challenged, across the country on regular basis in association with other social organizations. We believe that life brings moral responsibility along with several other things, therefore we believe in giving back to the society. Since the community has given us so much including the recognition in the society, patronage and clientele to spread out our business to such great pinnacle, we at Kamdhenu Limited are committed to our responsibility towards the society as a whole.

We make sure that our thoughts are converted into actions to maintain the environmental sustainability for the generations to come. Taking special care to avoid any damage to the environment, we ensure that effective steps are taken to avoid industrial discharge and unhealthy ways of residue or garbage disposal.

About Kamdhenu Limited:

Kamdhenu Group was founded in 1994 with a vision to provide Best Quality TMT Bars at Best Price. Today, led by Mr Satish Kumar Agarwal, the company is the market leader in branded TMT Bars and ‘Kamdhenu TMT Bar’ is the largest selling TMT Bar in India with brand sales turnover of ~Rs. 12,000 crores. Kamdhenu follows franchisee business model to bring more transparency and dynamism to the operations of the company. Kamdhenu has committed chain of over 10,500 dealers and distributors in India out of which 6,500 are exclusive for steel business. Kamdhenu being TMT expert has also launched earthquake resistant Kamdhenu SS 10000 TMT Bar and Kamdhenu Nxt TMT Bar. It has been conferred with India Power Brand 2016, Asia’s Most Promising Brand – 2016, World’s Best Brand 2015 and 2017-18 among Asia & GCC for Steel as well as Paints. ISO 9001:2015 certified company, it is listed on NSE & BSE.

Kamdhenu Paints, one of the leading Paint companies in India, is a division of Kamdhenu Limited. The company is credited for offering best-in-class paint products conforming to global standards. Its product portfolio under the brand KAMDHENU PAINTS-COLOUR DREAMZ includes Exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, Acrylic Distempers, Enamel Paints, Cement Paints, Wall Primers & Putty, and Texture & Designer Finishes, Stainers, P.U. Wood Finishes and Metallic Finishes. Kamdhenu Paints has 4,000 dealers and distributors spread across the country


The election results are our and as the ruling party gears to take its position in power, here are what these TV actors expect from it.

Nishant Malkani : I expect and hope for three things first is the employment rate should increase. I want more people to be employed because there is youth sitting at home unemployed. I want them to get work so that they can contribute to our GDP. Secondly, I want the GST rules to be made simpler, we have a very complicated one right now and one more rule to control the population of our country because after a point the resources will get limited in our country. If a family has a third child, there should be some kind of drawback to that family because we need to control the population in our country, as that would also affect the unemployment rate and resources in our country.

Sahil Anand : Our PM Modi sir is only doing good for the extremely rich or extremely poor, the middle class suffers, be it GST, property or anything. I think he should now work for the middle class since the prices of things are rising and it’s not easy for a common man to survive. He worked hard for the black money to be out but has not been successful but he should pay more attention to that.

Ssharad Malhotra : We are known as a parliamentary democratic republic and the expectations are the same as they always were…The elected government representatives should be for the people because they are by the people. Before the elections and post results, the attitude towards the country and its citizens should never alter. Our country doesn’t need a dictator but an efficient leader with skills that can promote and encourage growth in various sectors and at all levels. Unemployment, poverty, roadside sanitation, less power supply in rural sectors, inadequate amount of safety for women are some of the basic issues that need to be worked upon and strictly dealt with by the new government.

Delnaaz Irani : As a citizen of the country, I am looking at a very peaceful India, everybody comes and promises things but one cannot keep up to it though I am looking forward to a very peaceful country. There should be no discrimination amongst the people, the rule should be equal to everyone, be it the rich or the poor and that would make a better India live and a peaceful country to live in without any discrimination. Expectations from the new government are too many but to start with, I would just want my country to be a place where people come and say that it’s a very peaceful country to live in and I don’t know when it’s going to happen?

Rehaan Roy : I’m so happy for the verdict of our nation and I wish our honourable Prime minister heartiest congratulations.I expect the government to work with honesty and impartiality. I’m expecting more progress, cleaner India, more opportunities for the youth, gender equality, more protection for women and kids.

Ramman Handa : I expect a better India in terms of educational support and employment. Also, I will appreciate if our law and order get reviewed and let the Indian citizens sense the feeling of security. We need much attention on the quality of life and I expect my new government to bring a change instead of just giving false hopes.

Tinaa Dattaa : I feel that the government should work on the roads, there are so many potholes and as monsoon is arriving, it will get worse. So, I hope they work on it. Traffic rules should be more strict. Other than that, they should work on the problems which we are already facing rather than focussing on inane issues. Cleanliness drive has to be more. Plastic ban initiative is good but still, plastic is being used so the law needs to be strict.

Jasmin Bhasin : The most important thing in for our country is that the peace of the country is maintained, its relationship with foreign nations improves, we become economically a very strong country. As we are a third world nation, people often look down upon us. So, I feel the economic growth of the country is very important. And I expect the government to work on these endeavours only because when the economic structure and growth of the country improves automatically a poor person who is not financially stable, will have a better living standard.

Krishna Bharadwaj : My expectations from the new government start from basic amenities to common people. India is still a developing country and a lot of people are still below or at the poor line of living of standard. That needs to get balanced. Safety of women is another thing. Third, enough of these riots or lynchings in the name of religion. We don’t need statues of freedom fighters in our country, we need to use that money for the betterment of the Indian citizens. People should feel safe and secure.

Jason Shah : My expectation and my hope is that Modi ji continues to do a great job for India. We can already see the signs of greater progress, making India great for the first time. I hope he continues doing the job that he is doing and does it with sincerity.

Rahul Sharma : I expect progress, India to have an established economy. It should become one of the world’s greatest powers. It should grow in a way that people should be surprised. It should be corruption-free. Everything is very expensive right now, I feel they should work on it because poor people are suffering. Some things which were left incomplete like there was a project where they were supposed to connect all the rivers all over India, I feel if a project like that is completed, there would never be a situation faced by Indians where there will be a shortage of water. They should get such projects which would be good for our country. Infrastructure should be strong. They should work on the education system as well, so these are the changes I want the new government to do.

Angad Hasija : Expectations from the new government are that it should manage corruption, empower small business and provide equality to all! Complete at least 40% of what you promise. Political parties always have wonderful manifestos but they hardly fulfil those.

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan : The expectations from the new government is for a better India. We have so much potential as a nation but due to corruption, everything is ruined and the world has taken India for granted. The new government should come up with better leaders and good ministers who can channelise their strength in a better way.

Rajesh Kumar : My expectations with the government are very basic. The seeds they have planted in the first term, this is the time we want to see the fruit of it. 10 years is a good duration to make the world acknowledge the fact that we have gone for a change for the better. The whole idea is about basic things. They have targetted basic things which were ignored for last 65-70 years post independence like swacch bharat, etc. I think this is the time they should look more after the ecology, environment and the farmers. We should focus on producing quality food, they should start looking towards the environment and planting more trees. Things like a rally for river should be given priority.


Dipti Kalwani’s new show Ek Bhram – Sarvagun Sampanna is been loved up by the audience . Shrenu Parikh aka Janhvi Mittal’s mind games and conniving looks is appreciated by everyone. Other than the intriguing sight of Janhvi ,we have also loved this crazy member from the Mittal family who is none other than Chanda chachi plays by Manju Sharma.

We are totally in love with her character. Her loud makeup, funny accent and her signature phrase ‘types’ is wanting us to watch her more. In an upcoming episode we will see Chanda Chachi celebrating her birthday where in her kids Jai & Sonali organise a party. Chanda dresses up like the legendary Sridevi and embraces everyone in family by her lovely dance. She will enact the iconic Sridevi song Hawa Hawai and will surprise everyone. Please stay tune for her dancing grooves.


Rahul Sharma: At one point, my dad thought I won’t be able to make it as an actor

Actor Rahul Sharma is quite a household name today, but it wasn’t so when he began. In fact, besides other challenges, his family which lives in Dausa a village ahead of Jaipur was also not sure if he would make it. “They are definitely proud now. My parents were always supportive but at a point, my father did not believe in me that I would be able to do it or not. Whether I will be able to survive in this new city? So, he even said that I will go for a year or so, waste money and come back. When I first thought of acting and when I decided after doing theatre that I want to do acting now, I told my mother. She is not that educated, she has only studied till class 8th. But she is so understanding and progressive. She was like, why not, you should go and you should definitely try it. You should do something different in life, people are going for private and government jobs but you do something different if you want to. Do it if you feel it in your heart. If you think you can give your life to this then go on,” he says, adding, “So my mother told me this and I was like now it’s done, now any force in the world can’t stop me. After that my mother convinced my father telling him that we should give him a chance to go and try it. Though he was concerned about my safety as I had never lived away from my home, in a big city like Mumbai.”

However, Rahul started preparing himself to become an actor. “After having conversations, I was preparing everything, from my speech to my diction to my language and English, I was working on everything. I came to Mumbai, struggled for a year and a half and the struggle was so much that at one point of time, my father said that now you are on yourself, so if you earn then only I will be able to give you choice to stay back otherwise, come back home. I told him that I am not coming back, I came here to prove myself. I love this job. I did not know this is going to be so difficult but I was prepared for it. I had it in my mind that whatever comes my way I will accept it with a smile,” he says. He adds, “I came to Mumbai in 2010 January and for nearly one and a half years I struggled. First three months were painful with no one to guide and the money sent from home was running out. I gave about 800 auditions in one and a half year. Average 4 to 5 auditions every day. I used to be shortlisted everywhere but was not getting the break. I started doing print shoot and used to get 50 Rs per shirt shoot. In 5000 per month I used to manage my expenses. At one time I had to go for audition and the fare was 20 Rs(Andheri to Bandra) Rs and I got tempted to eat ice cream but had to skip that time as money was needed. Now I have the luxury to eat one kg tub of ice-cream per week”

Furthermore he says, ” I have studied in Hindi medium so I didn’t know English till 21. In Mumbai only I started people hearing in English and was mocked at for not knowing English and was told without knowing English you can’t work in entertainment industry go back and join father business of farming and spare parts business. It took 5 years to learn English without going to any classes. Now I even read English books and can confidently talk in English.

Things started moving gradually. “I got my first ad and I was happy that now there is something to show them. Everybody was very happy, I still remember how that ad changed my father’s perception. After that, when my show aired on TV and they saw me on TV, my father told me after 2-3 years that on that day he was very happy. He always criticised me a lot, gave me tough choices, never appreciated me much, never gave me that privileged that saying that yes you have achieved this, so I feel that whatever it is, he is there to make me feel grounded. He is there to protect me whenever there is anything coming on my way and harming me. He has challenged me so that I can prove,” he says. Rahul Sharma was last seen in Mitegi Laxman Rekha and previous shows include Kaal Bhairav and ek Ghar Banauga as main lead.


It was an energetic environment on the sets where Katrina and Salman Khan made a grand entry on their famous songs. The cast who came to promote their upcoming film, ‘Bharat’ thoroughly enjoyed each and every performances and were see dumbstruck with the kind of talent the little contestants put forward.

The contestants and Super Guru’s also did a tribute dance for Bollywood’s most loved actor which included a mashup of some of his most famous songs.

Katrina on the other hand was seen doing a belly dance routine with the contestants and Shilpa Shetty Kundra which also saw Salman Khan joining them.


In the upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s The Kapil Sharma Show, everyone’s loved superstar Salman Khan will be gracing the show along with Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif to promote their upcoming movie, Bharat. During the shoot, both the actors revealed some unknown facts about the lives and careers which kept the audiences engaged throughout.

During the show, Salman Khan happened to narrate a very funny incident from his childhood which signified the word, ‘Trouble’ all over. One day, all the three brothers were watching the movie, ‘Tarzan’ while playing a game that involved stones. Salman Khan got so involved in the game that the stone hit his brother Sohail very badly. Not meaning to do it intentionally, the Bollywood King at that time was scared as he could not imagine how his father will deal with the situation if she saw what happened.

Salman shared, “Long time back, we three were watching the movie ‘Tarzan’ and playing a game that involved stones. I got so engrossed in the game that accidentally, I threw the stone at Sohail who was very young at the time. He went behind the dustbin and within a few seconds, started bleeding profusely.” Salman further adds, “Arbaaz and I got so scared thinking about how badly the family, especially our father will scold us.”

Continuing the endless gossips further in the show, Salman and Katrina will be seen playing a quiz with Kapil Sharma where Kapil will try to find out how well does Katrina know Salman.


Actor Sahil Anand talks about his recent film Student of the Year 2, his show Kkasauti Zindagii Kay 2 as well as other aspects of being part of the industry.

You were part of Student of the year and now you did the cameo in the sequel of the film, how was the experience?

Yes, I was part of Student of the year 1 and I am part of the sequel as well. I have a special appearance in it. The experience was very good because Punit Malhotra is just like a friend and I was so comfortable working with him. I was being part of Dharma film after a long time so I was a little nervous but Punit was very chilled out as a director and I really enjoyed working with him.

You have also done Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara, Love day and more films, but you dint get more Bollywood opportunities what is the reason?

Student of the year, Hai Apna Dil to Awara, Babloo Happy Hai, Love Day and many more films I did as the lead but what I saw is that if it’s not a big banner or a big production house, your movies just come and go. The reason is that being an outsider, somewhere or the other, that comes in the way when you are in movies. So be it production house, the distributors or the theatre people, when a movie is coming and they don’t see a big name or big people behind it, they don’t give it good shows or good timings and that’s the basic thing. People who go to the movie theatre, they always prefer good shows which are feasible for people, for the working class, kids, students and if they will give us 1 or 2 shows in some of the theatres so however good the movie is, it would not be seen by the people and it will get wasted. For example, if you see the reviews of my movies given by the critics let it be Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara or Babloo Happy hai, it’s not below than 3.0, some people have given Babloo Happy Hai 4.5 stars also. Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara is now on Amazon Prime so if these big channels are taking my movies you can understand they are good movies but the reasons are unknown as to why they don’t get released well.

What kind of roles you would like to do in Bollywood?

I really want to do the role of an army officer because I know I can do justice to that and also a sports person.

Do you think the tag of TV actor has been a hindrance in your Bollywood career? No, I was doing TV before and then I switched on to Bollywood, so this tag is nowhere now it used to happen before but not now. I am working on a web series, doing films and on TV also in Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 so basically I feel that you just need to be a good actor rest everything will follow. Just be positive and confident about your work and everything will happen. You know how hard working and talented you are so that day will come.

Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 has brought you back in the limelight . Comment

Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 has brought me back in the limelight and it’s all thanks to Ekta Kapoor for giving me this opportunity. I have worked with most of the production houses but I always wanted to work with Ekta Ma’am. I feel god has granted my wish and I got an opportunity to work in Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2. I am very happy doing this role because it’s a challenging role, there are so many shades to this character. I started as a little carefree and mean guy but now he is totally changed he is a very positive and a sweet guy. So, I am very happy whenever I am shooting it makes me happy, and I am very proud of doing it.


Angad Hasija who was last seen in Waaris one year back would be now seen in spin off of Ishq Subhaan Allah titled Ishq Aaj Kal which would be now coming as web series (on Zee 5). Angad had been consciously not taking up TV work as he was wanting to do web series. He would be seen playing a muslim character which follows Quaran and he has been meeting Muslim friends who follow the religion strictly. He is also following Pakistani shows to get the hang of Urdu. He would be going on an outdoor schedule to Manali end of this month. In last one year he focused on family business of construction in Chandigarh.


Sony SAB’s magical fantasy show, Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga, has successfully reached the coveted 200 episodes milestone as it takes its viewers on a fascinating journey through the magical world of fictional Baghdad. The show has created an evident space in the hearts of its viewers with enthralling characters Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam) and Yasmine (Avneet Kaur) and their adorable love story. While Aladdin is always on the go to save the people of Baghdad, he is often accompanied by the very lovable Ginoo (RaashulTandon) – a true bond of friendship which is deeply admired by the viewers.

As the show completes 200 episodes of programming, the cast of Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga marked this joyous occasion with a celebratory event, thanking viewers for their endless support and love.

Siddharth Nigam, essaying the role of Aladdin said, “I cannot thank our audience enough for showering so much love upon our show and loving each and every character. I can never get tired of performing all stunts being in the character of Aladdin, have loved every bit of it from the beginning. It feels amazing to have come so far along on this journey. This love and support from our viewers will keep us going, motivating us to give our best and creating more magical memories for our lovely viewers. The entire team works day and night to make such milestones achievable and I’m glad to be a part of such an amazing show”

Avneet Kaur, essaying the role of Yasmine said, “It is a really overwhelming moment to have completed 200 episodes of the show. I feel blessed to have received such appreciation from our loving audience. While we celebrate this occasion, there is a lot more excitement coming up for the viewers. I feel really happy to be a part of a show like Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga, where everyone works really hard as a team to deliver entertaining content. Here’s looking forward to many more such milestones! May we keep entertaining our audience and keep making them happy with our work!”

Smita Bansal, playing the role of Ammi said,“The journey in Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga has been a really beautiful one with a mix of emotions that my character portrays. It is always great to be playing the role of a mother and especially to these magical kids Aladdin and Ginoo. Everyone is really hardworking and it is always so much fun with the entire crew on the sets. It just adds to the joy when we receive such overwhelming response from our audience.”


Sony SAB’s JijajiChhat per Hain, with its exciting storyline and extremely lovable characters, is set to bring for its viewers an interesting twist with the entry of another adorable character, Amma.

Amma, who is Murari’s(AnupUpadhyay) mother, is a total package of naughtiness, irritation, strong headedness and wants things to be done her way. Murari, being terribly scared of his mother, makes sure all her things are in place before she comes. On the other hand, Karuna(Soma Rathod) is scared of Amma’s slap and thus, hides her face when Amma is around. However, being really fond of Elaichi, Amma is about to bring some captivating twists and turns in her life.

Sharing more about her role, Farida Daadi said,“I am really excited to be associated with Sony SAB once again. Sony SAB has always been my first preference and this is my fourth show with the channel. My role in this is of Murari’s mother, Amma and I was really excited when approached for this role as she is going to be the turning point of the show. A lot of things are going to change here after and the audience is going to have a lot of fun witnessing the same. This role is an interesting one for me as I was supposed to speak in proper “Delhi Accent” which is different for me. I am enjoying being a part of the JijajiChhat per Hain team as everyone is really supportive and hard working.”