April 8, 2020
Mother's Day Special

Happiness is my only goal always- Supreet Bedi

She is a Popular TV Anchor and Celebrity Host. On mothers day she shared her warmy views.

Which is the most mischievous thing you ever did in your home . How was your mom reacted ?

I ran away from home at the age of 4! Mum was getting ready for a visit to the market and refused to take me with her. So, in rage, I scribble a note on the tissue with her lipstick (as seen in movies), took my doctor’s briefcase toyset and left the building. I thought I ran enough but apparently my little steps only managed to reach the back lane of the house. My mother was watching me from the balcony, and she didn’t look pleased. I was expecting her to call me back but she never did. So, I came back crying and asked for a hug.

what one thing u wish to do differently before being a mother .

Well, I’m already a mother now but patience is one virtue I promised myself I’d work towards as frustration and failure can easily dawn on a new mother.

What question you wish to ask from your mom ? ( Never get chance or enough confidence to ask )

We believe in open communication so I doubt there is much I wouldn’t know about. May be in jest we’d like to know who is her favourite child amongst us siblings!

Most precious moment of childhood with your mom.

My father gifted me a Nintendo gaming console and it was funny to see my mother playing with it more than I did! The way she would passionately try and rescue the princess made a priceless sight and she’d keep narrating Mario’s journey to the dungeon, creating suspense along the way and I’d be so engrossed in the game rooting for my mother that I wouldn’t even realise that I wasn’t playing!

Had you ever try to prank your mom ? How ?

It was the other way around mostly. She is quite the plotter! At Holi, I’d plan with my sisters on attacking her first thing. Instead, we’d wake up with coloured faces! We’d go to the bathroom to wash up and she’d be hiding there to push us into a tub full of coloured water. She was always steps ahead!

what is the best thing about being a mom .

Witnessing that naughty smile and surrendering to the tiny gripped hug! Bringing a life into this planet is quite miraculous. One can gloat over that for quite a while! Also, I get more compliments now than ever before! Haha! But seriously speaking, the fact that I’m shaping a personality and discovering human mind alongside is quite satisfying- inculcating values, teaching the basics, engaging curious minds is all very exciting!

What differences you see in 19ties and today’s mom .

Mompreneurs are common now but in the nineties, not many mothers were working. The balancing act between work and home is therefore more demanding. Nanny culture is also relatively new as back then joint families ensured extra helping hands.

What goal u want to achieve in next 10 years as a professional or personal?

Happiness is my only goal always. I feel everything falls into place when eternal bliss is your focus. In the next ten years I wish to be a better person- more calm and patient. Professionally, if my name and work can still get people excited, I’m sorted! I’m also a writer but may be an ‘Author’ tag would be a nice addition.

How your mom supported you in your profession?

I’m an anchor today entirely because of my mother’s encouragement. I had lost my father and was handling the family business when I saw a poster for a beauty pageant and decided to apply after a quick chat with my mother. Surprisingly, I got through and ended up in Mumbai! She helped me shop & prepare. The team that was shooting the pageant figured that I was quite confident during camera bytes and nudged me towards anchoring. A popular TV channel was looking for an anchor then for an international travel show and my mother paid for my ticket to Mumbai to audition and meet the team. I was selected and never looked back. Mum took over the family business while I flew to new pastures! Her sacrifices & guidance will always be the heart of my success. Even today, I travel the world for work while mum helps look after the baby. She truly is the wind beneath my wings!

As a mother how to do balance your professional and personal life.

The balancing act is hard for any mompreneur but if you put strategy in place, a lot can be achieved in a day! I believe it all boils down to planning and delegation. When I leave for a gig abroad and know I’d be gone for a few days; I ensure that his bare essentials are all in stock, his ready-to-wear sets are made along with matching bib and socks, nanny is well instructed and between my mum and mum-in-law, there is always extra hands on deck! My husband is pretty hands-on himself and I truly appreciate his support.

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