January 20, 2020

Sarita Joshi and Vandana Vithalani roped in for Zee TV’s Hamari Bahu Silk

“Log kya kahenge” is, perhaps, the most commonly abused phrase in our country, especially in the context of choices made by women. Every day, women find themselves bound by social norms, conventions and morals which if they dare not adhere to, people are quick to judge and label them characterless. Presenting viewers with a light-hearted, slice-of-life take on this extremely pertinent subject that matters to every Indian  is Zee TV’s upcoming fiction show ‘Hamari Bahu Silk’.
The story revolves around a smart, young middle-class girl Pakhi who in order to support her family, is compelled to look for a job and chances upon a B-grade film actress Natasha, appreciated solely for her looks and despised for her hoarse voice. Seeing this as an opportunity, Pakhi decides to lend her voice and becomes a dubbing artist for B-grade films starring Natasha. She uses her voice to titillate Natasha’s fans and makes her two ends meet in the process. Through Pakhi’s example, the story challenges the set norms in our society imposed on women, especially in context to the kind of jobs they can take up, what is respectable, what isn’t “dignified enough”. But when you challenge the society, will it accept you, and if not, will you ever be able to find love, happiness, acceptance in matrimony  or be ostracized by the bigots and relegated to a life of treading your path alone? To follow Pakhi’s struggle for acceptance to her off-beat career choice by her own people and all the fascinating characters and quirky circumstances life presents her with in the course of her career as a dubbing artist for B grade films, watch this space for more on Hamari Bahu Silk!  

Joining the cast of the show alongside Chahat Pandey (Pakhi), Reeva Chaudry(Natasha) and Zaan Khan (Naksh) will be popular actors Sarita Joshi and Vandana Vithalani.
Sarita Joshi will be seen stepping into the strong character of Aruna Parikh who is a ruling matriarch. She is firm and confident about her choices and decisions and believes what she does and says is always right. She is very particular about her likes and dislikes and despises the creative/film industry and is against everyone who is even remotely connected to it. She loves her grandson Naksh dearly and is looking for the perfect bahu for him.

Commenting on this, Sarita Joshi said, “Aruna’s character is very interesting to essay. She is fondly known as baa and revered in the family. She is extremely vocal and firm about her decisions and particular about what she wants and expects from those around her.
Hamari Bahu Silk is a show with a very strong messaging/concept and I am glad to be a part of it. Moreover, it is a light-hearted show and I am sure viewers will enjoy it. I hope the audiences enjoy this avatar of me as Baa yet again!” Roped into the character of Janaki Joshi is popular actor Vandana Vithalani. Janaki is Pakhi’s mother who expects her daughter to study well and find a good respectable job in the society. While Pakhi is very bubbly and optimistic about things, Janaki is always nervous
and afraid of the future.
Commenting on this, Vandana Vithalani said, “I am really excited to be seen as Janaki in Hamari Bahu Silk. She is Pakhi’s mother and loves her immensely. I was really intrigued when I came upon the concept of the show and looking forward to be seen as Janaki on-screen. Moreover, I am looking forward to entertain the audiences “Hamari Bahu Silk to air soon on Zee TV!”

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