March 31, 2020

Gulshan Nain who is playing ACB despite injury talks about his love for cricket!

Actor Gulshan Nain always dreamt of playing cricket professionally and his dream has partially been fulfilled with Dilip Agarwal’s Actors Cricket Bash. In a candid chat, Gulshan talks about what is he is looking forward to in the tournament.

Who is your favourite Indian cricketer and why?

Virat Kohli, for his consistency, his hunger for runs, his discipline towards the game and aggression on field.

How excited you are for the ACB starting from 25th? Would you like to do a TV show on cricket?

Cricket is my first love and I am playing proper cricket after almost 5 years, so yes, I am very excited. I am enjoying every second on the field even while practicing. I would love to do a show on cricket. In fact, I did a show in which my co-actor was supposed to play cricket so I volunteered and acted as his body double just to play some cricket.

Did you ever think of becoming a cricketer in life?

Ever is a very small notion here, I think of it every time, even now

Throw light on your association with ACB and Dilip Agarwal

This tournament is happening for the first time and we all are pretty sure that it’s going to be a big hit. We will return with much bigger tournament next season. Dilip is the guy who has put a lot of hard work and thinking behind this to make it all possible.

You were injured some days back. how did the injury happen? You scored 61 how?

Yes, unfortunately, I did get hurt while fielding as I said I am playing with the season ball after so many years. I am very excited and my overexcited nature sometimes leads me into getting injured.

How did you manage to play despite injury?

As I said I was playing after a very long time so I was eagerly looking forward to this match and before our chance to do batting came I got injured while fielding, so all I could think was my batting .I know that sounds very childish but that’s the truth. So while I was getting all bandaging done, I kept asking the doctor if I could go back and play and he said I can and that’s all I wanted to hear from him, so I went back on the field and continued playing.

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