October 16, 2019

Kunal Pandit: I like to keep my anchoring simple and fun

Actor Kunal Pandit has been anchoring BCL consecutively for the last three years and has been getting a lot of appreciation. The actor says that he has always had one mantra while hosting, to keep it fun and simple. “I think my USP as an anchor is years and years of experience on the radio as well as television. I am the only person besides Maneish Paul who has done fiction and radio both. And I think that gives you an edge over others. And I think my spontaneity which is which everybody likes. I think I am very spontaneous and my anchoring is very real. I don’t make different voices, I keep it simple and fun,” he says.

BCL was also full of entertainment with Rakhi Sawant. Talking about the same, he says, “Rakhi was with me in every episode. Sometimes as a co-commentator, sometimes we were making the umpire dance and sometimes we were making her flirt with Parth and Pearl. I think Rakhi is a very fun and interesting girl to work with. And more than that, she is a very good human being too.”

Talking about future plans, he says, “I am getting calls from every actor, saying that I should anchor for TV. So many people told me that you should get a good show and I am looking out for a show just like BCL. BCL is very unscripted as no one knows that on which ball, Karan Wahi is going to do what? It is very unpredictable. And that is where my years of radio experience comes in, my wit comes in. There has been a situation where some people have fought with me, some have fought with me over legitimations, some have fought with me over small things. BCL is a mixture of Bigg Boss and a fiction show because the part where conversations are happening between me and other actors cannot be scripted.”

Ask him what are the things that a host must have to succeed at his job, and he says, “The things an anchor must possess is wit and spontaneity. No one wants good faces to just come and say, ‘Hi, and welcome to the show.’ You want anchors to be witty, funny and spontaneous. Secondly, an anchor should not take over the show. He should act like the thread in which the beads are been put. You have to bear jokes on yourself too and you should be ready for that. You have to keep everything calm and under control.”

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