March 31, 2020

A backache won’t stop Vighnaharta Ganesh’s Malkhan Singh from dancing

Sony Entertainment Television’s Vighnaharta Ganesh is currently at its artistic best as the show goes forward with the depiction of 19 avatars of Lord Shiva. The track currently portrays Raavan (played by Paras Chhabra), the biggest Shiva Bhakt reciting stories of Lord Shiva’s 19 avatars to Lord Ganesha. Actor Malkhan Singh who essays the role of Lord Shiva in the show is also playing Shiva’s 19 avatars with finesse.

In the upcoming track, Shiva would be seen in his Nataraj Avatar as he approaches Himawat asking Parvati’s hand in marriage after Parvati puts forward the wish of marrying Shiva with full traditions and consent of her parents. Shiva visits Parvati’s father King Himawat and asks him to grant his wish. King Himawat is doubtful and tells Shiva to impress him before he asks for the favor. Himawat, an earnest Vishnu Bhakt wanted him to tell a tale of Lord Vishnu. Shiva also leaves no stones unturned and depicts the story of Bhasmasur.

Bhasmasur, a demon was once granted with a wish by Shiva that whoever he may touch on head with his hand would be reduced to ashes. The demon obsessed with his power in turn, tried to demolish Shiva, and started chasing him. This was the time when Vishnu took the incarnation of Mohini to demolish Bhasmasur. Shiva, in front of Himawat depicts the whole story through his impressive dance cum drama sequence and as this dance is being shot currently, the audiences are sure to get a visual treat, seeing Makhan Singh depict the entire Bhasmasur-Mohini story.

But the most astonishing aspect of the entire sequence was when it was learned that Malkhan performed the entire sequence even when was suffering with a severe back pain and was on medications. The actor proved his sincerity towards the job by shooting the sequence in severe back pain without taking the help of a body double even once.

As this episode comes near to air, it would surely be exciting for the mythology loving folks to tune into Sony Entertainment Television to witness two stories, of Parvati-Shiva and Bhasmasur-Mohini. As Shiva creates an impact on Himawat and wins his wish, he is sure to win the hearts of the audiences.

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