January 27, 2020

Swipe for love? Actors give their view

Dating apps seem to be in the in thing to find love in today’s day and age. Here is what TV actors have to say about this.

Rajesh Kumar : I don’t believe in such apps. People be on such apps to just keep themselves hooked mentally but honestly, these are deviating them. As a public figure, I never have been on such apps. I don’t think it is justified to find someone on such apps. I won’t call it wrong or right, I don’t want to judge. It may have worked for many people, everyone has their own view on relationship and how much they want to derive from it. Using such apps to just hook up or casual flings doesn’t seem okay to me.

Samir Soni : Personally, I don’t think it’s wrong to be part of such apps, although I never had any experiences because during our times there were no such apps. But I feel there’s nothing wrong as when people can go on matrimonial sits, then why not such apps? I think it’s not wrong for an actor to be on such apps, I think it’s good, it gets like-minded people together.

Kinshuk Vaidya : I have never experienced anything like that since I have never been on such apps. It’s very common these days, it’s not necessary that these apps are only for casual dating you never know, you might find the right person. Maybe it may start off as a casual thing and eventually, it can turn it something very serious. Basically, everyone wants a companion in life, it’s not important how you find them, it’s more important that you find one.

Sachin Parikh : Frankly, I have never had any experience nor have any of my friends had such experiences from such apps but yes as a public figure or an actor, one has to be really very careful and alert if they are indulging any activity on such an app. If it’s for fun, I would as an actor never ever indulge but if it’s on a serious note, yes I will be extra careful while putting any comment or sharing any personal info on such apps.

Rehaan Roy : Everything on this planet has its pros and cons. Dating apps like Tinder, Happn, etc are places to meet or to know new people. There’s nothing wrong in knowing new people. It’s up to every individual how they go with the flow. There are people who blindly trust the opposite side and get trapped. There are also some people who take things very calmly and understand the other party and deal with it maturely. I have seen people getting married through Tinder and Facebook. So, anyone going to explore these apps shall understand that trusting the opposite side blindly can get them into trouble. So it’s better to be careful, be safe. I, personally would never try such apps to find the right person for me. I believe it’s love that we need in life… it’s a connection. I can’t search for it. When it has to happen, it will.

Bhanujeet Sudan Singh : I know about all the apps, I think it’s a revolutionised way of sending across messages of expressing oneself like older days you used to send cards, flowers. It’s an evolution, not a good or a bad thing, it’s a new culture there’s no miscommunication. In fact, an open option to express what one feels like if one is okay with it then it’s fine. I was in one such app, I was okay with it. I was shocked too as most people expect girls to not talk about sex in our country, and yet they talk about it on these apps.

Shubhaavi Choksey : Being born in the 80s, where we met the person face to face a couple of times, that too with friends and then gave it a thought to meet alone is where I come from. I have never downloaded any of these apps but many single friends of mine have told me that initially, it started off as a good dating app but apparently, it’s not that way any longer! Though I really don’t have a clue I guess is today’s day and age, where many things are based on technology, if this kind of an app suits people are then good for them. Finding the right person is not easy- sometimes one can spend a lifetime and then find what they want! It’s each one’s destiny at the end of the day.

Shivin Narang : As a public figure, I feel it’s okay to be on such an app. The problem is people find it fake. It happened to me. I was on a dating app and people thought that it was a fake account. I deleted it, as most of people think that celebrities cannot be on such apps. I fully support such apps as they have made people more confident about meeting new people and understanding each other. We can express ourselves easily. I think it’s really very cool.

Sahil Anand : These apps are only for casual dating and not serious stuff. I am not on such apps. In India are really mistaken about these apps. It’s only for casual dating. People are not themselves on these apps. Even kids today know about what these apps are and why are they used. If an actor wants to be on such an app and if he is, then who are we to judge? An actor has his own personal life and he can live the way he wants.

Ira Sone : Times have changed where everyone is moving, by the clock in big cities, in such a scenario I feel there’s very little room left for meeting someone special organically. The digital world is ruling in every space be it shopping to buying vegetables to ordering a meal, so there’s no shying away from a dating app as a tool to find a romantic partner. Yes, I am on dating apps and I think it gives me a broader chance to meet people from different parts of the globe. In real life or on dating apps there will always be a bunch of decent men and a bunch of shallow thinkers, it’s you who gets to decide which one to pick.

Angad Hasija : I don’t really believe in such apps. It’s not for serious and genuine people. I believe people just talk to people for some purpose or selfish reasons but if you think you will get some long life friend or a person for a serious relationship here, that’s wrong. I don’t think it is okay for actors to be on such apps because people connect to actors and then blackmail them, it’s harmful to them. It’s kind of fake and I never have been on such apps and never will be. My friends had an experience where a girl was talking through a fake account and she wasn’t what who she was presenting herself as.

Ansh Bagri : I won’t say that these dating apps are just for flings or hookups if you are destined to meet the right one, the path could be any. I don’t feel anything is wrong in being on these dating apps, serious relationships don’t develop with such apps it happens when you meet people, understand and finally, you develop feelings for each other. People have just blamed these apps for no reason I feel if you are doing something for fun and the other person is mutually involved then there’s nothing wrong as far as you are not hurting anyone. These apps don’t guarantee you serious relationship or true love, we should not judge anyone who is on tinder or any other app. It’s like being on just another social media website. A few years back I was on Tinder and I met a few people and I never took it as a fling app and I also did an ad for Tinder.

Rohitashv Gour : I have never been on any of these apps. I don’t think such apps are good as people who have no sense of responsibility towards life and who just want to enjoy and have a casual relationship, go on such apps. I would say nobody should trust such apps because people who are just into casual things and just want to fool around are on such apps be it men or women. Maybe 1 out of 100 relationships might work in such a scenario.

Rahul Sharma : I have never been on such apps and I never would with what I have heard I am disappointed with what people have been doing and using these apps for. I don’t think it’s possible to find someone special or true love on such sites, it’s very rare and these kinds of sites connect you. I don’t think it helps you find the right person. As a public figure, I don’t think one can be on it. I am not against it, I personally don’t like to be on it and would never be.

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