November 20, 2019
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Select CITYWALK celebrated International Yoga Day with free yoga sessions

Yogacharya H.H. Yogiraj Dr. Om Prakash ji Maharaj imparts valuable benefits of Yoga

This International Yoga Day, Select CITYWALK, practiced Yoga asanas and rediscovered a sense of oneness from within. After all, life is all about having a holistic approach to health and well-being.
Delhi’s premium shopping destination Select CITYWALK conducted an invaluable gift of a free yoga session for visitors, to experience mind and body relaxation at its best.
On 21 June which marks the International day of Yoga acclaimed Yogacharya H.H. Yogiraj Dr. Om Prakash ji Maharaj imparted a motivational meditation and yoga session which promised to leave each one energized both, mentally and physically.
“Yoga is one of the best ancient Indian practices that helps promote physical and mental dexterity. On this International Day of Yoga, we looked forward to a beneficial yoga session for our patrons and encouraged them to adopt Yoga as a lifestyle habit.” said Mr. Yogeshwar Sharma, Executive Director & CEO, Select CITYWALK.
The free session included basic yogic asanas such as shalabasana, pawanmuktasana, makrasana among other breathing exercises. The session also conveyed advice on mental and physical health benefits of following a regular yoga routine.
Apart from burning calories, yoga helps you lower stress levels, boosts confidence, enhances good mood, increases flexibility, improves muscle tone and strength, lowers blood pressure among several other benefits.
After Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s address at the UN on the benefits of Yoga, June 21 which is the longest day of the year, is celebrated as International Yoga Day the world over. This day, every year a theme is defined around the benefits of yoga. This year, the theme was ‘Yoga for Heart’. For its benefits of connecting the mind and the heart, as well as help cure many diseases and ailments, it is encouraged to include yoga in everyone’s daily routine.

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