January 27, 2020

Every day is Yoga day: Rakhi Sawant

What is your viewpoint on the importance of yoga?

For me, every day is yoga day because I have been practicing yoga since 8-9 years now. And I don’t do normal yoga I do ‘Hot yoga’ in 41-degree temperature.

Do you think Yoga is a status symbol kind of a thing?

No, I do Yoga to stay fit and people should not misunderstand it.

Do you think Yoga should be introduced in schools and colleges?

Yes, yoga should be done by people of all age groups from children to old people.

How useful is yoga for you?

I feel very rejuvenated and it has increased my sex power.

Narendra Modi is a big believer of yoga and you also follow him what is your take?

No, I like Donald trump’s yoga more. I think he has observed Modiji and then started practicing yoga.

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