January 27, 2020

Jiten Lalwani returns to mythology as Shani Dev after 3 years with &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna

From being known as the man with a Virani to his surname, to surprising the audience with several varied characters thereafter, popular actor Jiten Lalwani has had a diverse journey of various genres over television for more than two decades now. Having enthralled the viewers with his earlier portrayal of the ferocious character of Shani Dev, the actor is all set to make return to mythology, depicting the same character in a different style and manner. Returning to the genre he is best known for, Jiten will be seen donning the crucial character of Shani Dev in &TV’s mythological fiction show Paramavatar Shri Krishna.

Bringing forth several unheard tales of the character while showcasing different shades to his personality, the actor seems to be quite enthused about playing this role yet again.

Sharing his thoughts on making a comeback to the genre and the role, he said, “I have always found a calling for mythological characters. Shani Dev as a character has always built a great intrigue within me. Although I have played the character once, I really don’t mind essaying it again because there is another style and shade to the character which is another discovery in itself. No matter how many tales may be spoken about, there are certain facets and characteristics of Shani Dev that remain unexplored and through Paramavatar Shri Krishna I get to showcase it on-screen. I think it’s this little curiosity and fascination that made me once again venture onto the route of mythology. Relieving a character for the second time after a gap of nearly 3 years is an exciting challenge which I look forward to.”

While mythology may have been his comfort zone, Jiten has never been afraid to step out and explore different characters, be it in the comedy space or in the supernatural genre.

Commenting on his brief stint in the supernatural space, Jiten said, “Considering supernatural was the big trend of television, I really did want to explore this genre too, but eventually found myself finding a disconnect to the genre. I didn’t want to take up shows in that space and hence decided to part ways from it.”

Talking about exploring various roles and the thought process behind them, the actor said, “I enjoy exploring diverse characters, however distinct they might be from the ones I played earlier. I enjoy the thrill and challenge that it brings about. While I have often been approached for roles that are positive and have an innocent facet to it, I have essayed a few negatives which has added that diverse shade to my actor’s personality. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoy the comedy space and just like mythology, I would probably take up a comic role in a heartbeat.”

With the onset of a new chapter, Kanha’s life is all set to see a major twist with Shani Dev’s fierce and powerful tactics.

Tune in to watch Paramavatar Shri Krishna on &TV from Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm

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