January 19, 2020

Kaveri Priyam on playing Kuhu in YRHPK: I was very surprised and happy that people are loving my character

Actor Kaveri Priyam, who plays the role of Kuhu in Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, loves her character. The actor says that her fans have also warmed up to her role and love her in the show. “The response to my character in the show has been overwhelming. Specially with a character like Kuhu, who has such a fluctuating nature. Sometimes she nice, sometimes mean, sometimes bad. So when people comment and say that some days I feel like punching Kuhu on her face and sometimes I feel like hugging her and kissing her, it means people are able to relate to my character. It feels really great as I am new in this industry. I was very sceptical about whether the audience will be able to relate with me, accept me or not,” she says.

She adds, “It was a challenge for me because finding Kuhu itself was a challenge for me initially. I had to try different things, be extremely loud, then go subtle, then add different shades to my characters which was not an easy job at all. But I am really surprised and very happy that people have started liking me so much, especially the youngsters, the school-going and the college-going kids. They have especially loved my character because somewhere they can relate to it.”

Ask her if she relates to the concept of the show, and she says, “This show is based on marital courtship and nowadays everyone knows that marriage has become secondary for everyone, knowing your partner is very important and people even fight for it because some people do pressure girls to get married without knowing their partners. So basically, our concept is very relevant specially for the places where these things happen. Girls don’t get a chance to know their partners and our show explains how important it is to know a person before getting married as you have to spend your whole life with him or her. I feel this concept is very relevant.”

Talking about her character, she adds, “I feel Kuhu is a mood. At times, I feel like being Kuhu, dressing up loud etc. I think every girl wants to be like Kuhu, maybe not throughout her life but there at some point, maybe college or school where they would like to be like Kuhu. In my life also, I feel I am extremely like Kuhu at times. She is very abrupt in thinking and saying things, it’s so much fun to be like that, not many people get this opportunity to be like Kuhu, for example, ‘Dil ki baat keh dena and kar dena’. I feel that because I am playing Kuhu I have got the opportunity to wear anything I like and I can be what I want to be and just live the moment.”

The actor sports a very different look on the show too. She has curly hair which is quite challenging “I don’t know how girls who have got original curls manage their hair because for me having curls in the show is extremely difficult to manage. I would like to take some tips from them definitely because I am not able to manage it at all. Hats off to girls with curly hair!” she says.

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