January 27, 2020

Samir Soni: I am strictly against child labour, even in the industry

Actor Samir Soni feels that evils like child labour must be eradicated. The actor says that poverty must be tackled first. “I think as far as child labour is concerned, the cause is pretty obvious because parents cannot afford to send their children to schools and colleges. They see them as more hands to earn money because they are really poor. And the solution is very clear that education should be made free for children up to a certain age, till high school or 12th std. They should be provided lunch that will be an incentive for the parents as their children are learning something and also they are being fed something. So, they will not be a financial burden on them,” he says.

The actor says that children should not be employed under any circumstance. “As far as child labour is concerned, I am very strictly against it, even in the industry. For example, I would not like my daughter to work anywhere until she reaches a certain age, and until she finishes her education or until she is 18 years old. Child labour robs children of their formative years. and their exposure to academics is also taken away. It can also adversely affect them because they are working and suddenly their fame and success are taken away. So personally, I am against child labour. But if I know there are some rules and regulations especially in the film industry, that if the child is studying then a teacher has to accompany them to cope up with their studies, or if the children are allowed to work in their vacation or during weekends, it might work. It should not cost them their academics,” he says.

He adds, “Today I know there are many child stars but I also know many child stars in the past who have reached nowhere. So, it is a fine line, And personally, I won’t allow my daughter because it is not good for her in the long run. For other people, I understand that they have financial problems so they have to let their children do it. And I think that should be restricted, we play with their lives I feel. Even though parents claim that they know what is best for their life. But in the long run, it might be detrimental for the growth of the child.”

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