January 19, 2020

Samridh Bawa inspired by Akshay Kumar for his action scene in Laal Ishq!

Popular actor Samridh Bawa has entertained the audience with his various acts in various genres like drama, comedy and supernatural. Bringing forth another pleasant surprise for his fans and viewers, the actor is all set to make an action-packed comeback in the upcoming episode of &TV’s supernatural show Laal Ishq. Performing the first ever action scene of his life, Samridh was quite excited to perform the scene himself and not to resort to the help of a body-double. Inspired by the effortless performance of his idol, Akshay Kumar, the actor decided to perform the scene without the assistance of any harnesses and put up a rather great show for the crew around him.

Sharing his experience, the actor said, “Ever since I was a kid, I have held a great admiration for Akshay Kumar and would be awed seeing him perform stunts and action scenes with absolutely zero action equipment. I always dreamt of being able to perform a scene as such in the same manner as he did. When Laal Ishq came by, I decided that this would be my make or break moment. Despite having the option to use harnesses or a body double, I preferred to perform the scene without any assistance at all. I was extremely nervous of getting hurt but Akshay sir’s scenes kept playing in my head and that’s what inspired me to go for the shot. Of course, I did practice a similar jump a couple of times before doing it directly from the jeep to the bus.”

Adding further about the risks the actor faced while performing this particular sequence, Samriddh said, “Performing the scene wasn’t easy and while I managed to do the stunt successfully, I got slightly bruised in the process. The force of the jump was so intense that when I caught hold of the rod on the bus, it loosened from its hinge and pierced my belly. Although it did hurt a bit, the delight of pulling off the scene was way beyond. It was my first and I am glad that I did it successfully!”

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