January 19, 2020

I feel sorry about Sara or Sana Khan but it’s not me: Sana Makbul Khan

Ever sent a message or tagged a wrong person in your posts or tweets and as you realize the person has already read and got you in an awkward or a funny situation. One such thing happened with Sana Makbul Khan who is currently seen in Vish on Colors TV. Some news portal has mistakenly tagged Sana Makbul Khan with Sara Khan or Sana Khan whosoever is caught in the situation. While Sana Makbul Khan was unaware of the news, she was poured with fans and friends messaging her is she was doing fine.

Commenting about the situation Sana says, “I was unaware of the news until the time I started receiving messages from my friends asking me if I was fine and was I really in that situation. In such a sensitive case media news portals should be very careful, check the facts correctly and check twice before posting and tagging celebrities. I feel sorry for whoever is involved but I have nothing to do with the situation.”

Sana Makbul Khan is already facing many problems with the same name which she recently clarified, What are the odds of ending up in such a situation?

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