October 16, 2019

8-13 July – Weekly Tarot – Prediction by Indrani

ARIES: Over expenditure on Novelties may cause financial imbalance. There could be a possible confrontation however which can be avoided easily. At times you may feel an imbalance in personal and professional life. Overall it is a fine week for you.

TAURUS: Old Flames may surface alternatively there could be sudden expressions of love. Avoid acting on impulse when you reach a unwelcoming situation. Connections with friends will be overwhelming.

GEMINI : You may feel energetic and innovative with new ideas around your skillsets. You will be able to connect with your close ones in a peaceful way. There will be encouragement.

CANCER Relationships will be stressed this week with partners.  There could be possible struggle with business allies as well. The best is to speak honestly. Speak only when it is necessary and not take major impulsive decisions.

LEO: A lot of upheavals and confrontations may arise in relationships this week. Choose your words wisely and compassionately. Professional are would receive encouragement. Relationships issues will start getting sorted towards the end of the week.

VIRGO  Relationships may seem insecure and shaky. There could be outbursts if you donot stay calm. Few relations may get rattled due to impulsive. Best is to keep silence this week and wait for favorable time to deal with major decisions. Collaborating with the like minded will prove beneficial.

SCORPIO Relationships may look harmonious largely if you donot underplay your partners opinions. Most of the week there would be harmony within relationships. Your sight will be on your career goals and encouragement from friends would be there.

LIBRA There are sudden displeasing situations may come up within relationships. You may feel Someone is acting against you or people speaking behind your back. It is a good time to work on career goals and take help from  trustworthy people. If feel like venting out , meditate.

SAGITTARIUS The beginning of the weak may bring confrontations with your partner. Do not take any rash decisions and let time show you the way. Professionally you would feel much energetic and confident. There may be anxiety and stress this week , which can be healed with meditation. 

CAPRICORN: Relationship Matters  will be harmonious only if you are compassionate and forgiving. Cooperate, understanding and balance would be of utmost necessity to tackle the incoming upheavals. Let go off your Ego at times , more so this week with retrograding mercury.

AQUARIUS: Many Natives would find relationships with close ones on shaky ground. Your demanding nature may suddenly rock the relationship boat and Socializing will come to your rescue. There could be possible disturbance with higher ups at works too. Only if you stay calm and centered.

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PISCES: Rather than finding what is lacking in your associations try to look at what you have. Leave your Power struggles. Authentic conversations will ease everything. Friends would come to rescue. There could be confusions in work area at times but largely it would be not discouraging.

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