April 1, 2020

21 JULY TO 27 JULY – Tarot Prediction By Indrani


ARIES:   A celebratory week when you receive appreciations, many professional accomplishments and milestones met. Travel Plans materialize for many. Love and Romance is blessed for most natives. If work related few hurdles appear you would win them with ease
LUCKY DAYS : 21, 25, 26


TAURUS: Many natives would feel a little irritated  due to recent hostility received from few associates. Also Many would feel overwhelmed by the myriad of Ideas they are receiving from the  universe as hunches towards fulfilling their life vision. Some may be tired of  excessive networking. It would be a nice to go to nature or take a break from all those overthinking.

LUCKY DAYS  24, 26 


GEMINI : Most natives would feel excited about life and fresh plans. Natives would feel easy to express their thoughts and connect with people. You would be able to finally be more bold and shine better at Work Place. You are getting better this week.

LUCKY DAYS  25, 26 


CANCER : It is a positive week around finances and work place. Your Personal life will slowly blossom yet amidst few issues which you would chose to ignore for time being. Past may surface in several forms. Old Lovers or friends may remember you or alternatively.


LEO: It is a harmonious week for most of leo natives. You would appear as strong and bold. The cosmos blesses you with bright ideas and opportunities to blossom. This week will also call upon for you to bring humility, positivity and leave behind those flaws which you were considering from some time now.

LUCKY DAYS   : 21 


VIRGO: Virgo Natives may feel stressed by the growing demand coming in from various people. You would feel like your own vision of progress has been compromised. Spiritually a bright week as well romance and partnership sector receives many blessings from the cosmos. The week shall remain harmonious though as your mind would be focused on your goals.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 22 


LIBRA : It will be a bright week for many natives. You are blessed and would receive support from people around you. A short trip may materialise for few natives. Almost most of the native feel courageous enough to try their luck in long held dreams and projects. You are at your expressive best.

LUCKY DAYS   21, 22, 23, 24 


SCORPIO: This is a bright week, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Most natives will find themselves in a happy place. Romance and relationships in general will receive blessings. Many natives will get clarity in matters of heart. Career Goals will receive blessings and you would be at your creative best.

LUCKY DAYS  : 24, 25, 26 


SAGITTARIUS :   This is a week when you would discover  a new version of yourself. Your perspective around several areas of your life may change entirely.There would several thoughts around finances and how to balance. Most natives would feel confident towards romance and relationships. You are evolving this week.

LUCKY DAYS  22, 23, 26 


CAPRICORN: It  will be a positive week for many natives. Finally you would feel sorted in areas of personal and financial goals or at least you would see light. You will be able to connect with people and receive ideas attuned to your professional goals. Romance would be blessed.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 24, 25 


AQUARIUS: It is an inspiring week for most natives as you would now be at a decisive period of your life be it relationship, spiritual or future goals. You are now gaining clarity about several things which were concerns of the past. Coupled will feel blessed and singles may meet someone new.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 23, 24 

PISCES: This week will be a hectic week for most natives. The long held dreams of yours would now demand your action and hard work. You would feel energetic and confident as well. At times you may feel disconnected with your partner however very quickly all confusions/dust will be settled. It is a harmonious week and positive too.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 24, 25 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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