February 23, 2020
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Display of Artworks : Paintings,Photography,Crafts,Sculptures etc

Featuring Artists : Harjit Dhillon,Suraj Shukla,Priyadarshi Gautam,Shikha Amandeep Singh, Vinod Prakash,Dewanshi Shukla,Dr. Nishat Parvez,Nimisha Sood,Rupa Mehta,Soniya Verma,Pallavi Gohain,Ritika Arora,Prateek Bhola,Monika Nagar,Indu Shrivastava,Archanaa Panda, Jyoti Singh,Swati Sanil,Mayank Kapoor,Shradha Gambhir,Saba Maqbool,Cheena Madan,Seema Bhargava,Ajinder Kumar, Nitya Soni,Kamini Suneja,Rakesh Tiwari,Sargam Chopra,Subhash Anand,Tarun Sharma, Garima Mishra,Sambhu Karmakar, Navdha Kapila, Gaurav Paul.
Acclaimed art curator Erum Khan needs no introduction. After the success of numerous art exhibitions, she has attained a credibility and space in curation, which she is taking to new heights with her upcoming exhibition “Parvaaz”. “Parvaaz” or “rising or flying to new heights” in Urdu embodies the free spirit of artists that spurs them to defy all odds, lack of financial or moral support and achieve ever-rising milestones of success on the merit of their unstoppable creativity, skills, passion and perseverance. Artists know no bounds to their creativity and thoughts and those blessed with the skill to bring to bring their thoughts to life in their creations need only the right platform and opportunity for their capability to shine through. And what better platform than Ms Erum Khan’s Aura Planet which has the satisfaction of connecting nearly 2500 artists both renowned as well as upcoming talent and catapulting nearly 5-10 unrecognized artists per event through her numerous exhibitions, workshops, online art marketplace, award ceremonies.

“Parvaaz” is a tribute to the unbound thoughts and imaginations that take wing in artists’ minds to reach new heights of creative fecundity and brought to life in their myriad creations that are admired as their legacy beyond their lifetimes.

To be held in the first week of August, there can be no better time to celebrate this free spirit of artists, domestic or international, renowned or upcoming talent, across age groups, as our nation prepares to celebrate its 72nd Independence Day. Over a span of 7 days (Aug 2nd to Aug 8th) at the premier art gallery AIFACS, Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110001. it is a golden opportunity for artists to sell and demonstrate their work to honorable guests, network with senior and contemporary artists who will provide invaluable critique and encouragement, as well as get commission work to create new works of art based on different corporate or personal requirements and themes.

Group Art Exhibition “Parvaaz” परवाज़
2-8 Aug,2019
All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society,( AIFACS Gallery) 1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi,India
Inauguration : 2nd Aug at 5 pm -7 pm
Gallery will remain open from 11 am – 7 pm daily till 8th Aug, 2019
Curated by Erum Khan

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