January 19, 2020

Tarot Prediction 4th TO 10th AUG 2019 – By Indrani


ARIES : If you keep considering your past failures or mistakes you would not be able to see the bright picture ahead this week has to offer. There is so much forward movement ahead in all areas of your life specially Romance, Love and relationships in general. Travel Is on cards for many natives. Work will see light of the week too, if you get time from your wonderful reverie that you will materialize now.

Good days: 5th


TAURUS:  It is week where you would feel and grow wiser in your personal world. You may feel like cutting clutter that invades your personal life at times. Spirituality, Self healing and working on self is on cards. This is a time to reflect on your thoughts and bring a equilibrium in both of your worlds outside and inside.

Good days: 8th


GEMINI  It is a week of forward movement though the first part of the week may see obstacles or roadblocks in communication temporarily. Must not reel over past miscommunications as now your ideas thoughts would be received well. The second part of the week is where the action begins as people are supportive of your ideas and endeavors.

Good days:  8TH, 10TH


CANCER  A positive forward moving week. Past pains or miscommunications will look distant. Close people in your life will now become receptive of your thoughts and you would feel being not ignored anymore. Relationships and health with receive blessings as you now are confident and determined, so is your professional area.

Good days: 6TH , 10TH


LEO  A forward moving week in which your hardwork, quick thinking and ability to collaborate will put momentum to your Larger Ideas of future. Relationships wlil be cordial  and partners will be supportive. It is a time to take the drivers seat of your Future bus. Evaluate, plan, Challenge and go big.

Good days: 4TH, 8TH  


VIRGO  This week is encouraging in many ways as your long terms plans and vision will now receive necessary boost. You now will see light and forward movement all your pursuits of life be it personal or professional. You would prefer making progress in silence. Emotional world will start showing signs of clarity and positive growth

Good days: 4TH , 6TH


LIBRA It is now a week of achieving clarity in all your relationships be it personal or even professional. Your intuition will show you the path ahead. Social invitations may increase and your confidence will soar. Work projects stalled will now inch towards fructition.

Good days: 6TH , 8TH  


SCORPIO  The first few days of the week may be daunting for few natives in the relationship area, understand same will settle down soon as you make peace and heal yourself with positivity. It is a week to bring clarity in your relationship and personal area and only you can do it. Work area will be blessed throughtout the week. You would be received well.

Good days: 5th , 9TH , 10TH


SAGITTARIUS   A positive week when your issues of past and dishevels of your life will slowly start reaching your desired direction only due to your confidence and wisdom. It is a bright week when you would realise that you have grown as a person. You would now strive for equilibrium in your personal and professional Life. You will grow stronger this week.

Good days: 8TH, 10TH


CAPRICORN  It is a week of internal growth. Listen to your hunches and tune in to your perceptive power and you would soon create balance in your most riled up world. Beginning of the week may remain frustrating for few natives however beautiful part of the remaining days of the week will put your wheels in forward motion.

Good days: 9th


AQUARIUS:  This is a week where your inner wisdom and far sightedness will and should rule your actions. The beginning week may see your hasty nature but keep your eyes on distant future and you would know  that focus is now on Creating a sound secure world, Protect what you have got and grow. You shall receive clarity in all areas of your life this week. It shall be an enlightening one.

Good days: 10TH

PISCES:  A week of forward movement and your past efforts will now reward you. You will now see the light of your future. Any turmoils are now things of past and your wheel is on forward motion Now. Relationships will blossom. It is a productive week, your efforts will bring colors you want. It is a blessed week.

Good days: 4th

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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