October 16, 2019

Tarot Weekly Predictin – 11th Aug – 17th Aug 2019

ARIES: Multiple opportunities in career or business. Bite as much as you can chew. Understand Practical steps are required along with plans. Personal Relationships may need to be infused with energy and excitement. Nurturing makes all relationships beautiful. Self care will also be in mind.

LUCKY DAYS: 15, 16, 17

TAURUS: Financially it would be a good time ahead. Your hard work and professionalism will pay you well this week in terms of respect and appreciation. Relationships area will be harmonious and allow you independence. People around you will be supportive.


GEMINI : There can be stress at work. Financial Stress of past may also have put a fear in mind. It is imperative to understand change is always possible, productive ways are always available if you keep aside past and focus on future with available options in present. Healing time for personal relationships, need to bring in a common ground to repair and reconnect will be ideal.


CANCER : Lack of Clear Communication or Judgmental temperament may derail relationship healing or bonding which most natives may already be experiencing. Hold pleasant  honest conversation in order to strengthen bonds. Be particular about your expenses so that donot over-exceed than your income. Professional area needs team work, healthy support among associates and team members and appreciation.


LEO : Many natives may be torn between security or adventure in terms of close relationships. A little restless energy is seen in personal bonds. Social bonding will be pleasant and uplift your mood. Professionally your vision may be on your future goals. Financial stability is now possible for many. Work area shall throw two choices or two paths.


VIRGO: Some Virgos may have to make decisions regarding future of a relation. You may let go off few people, and forge new mental bond with another. There is somehow a restructuring in your personal world .Coupled ones have importance financial discussions in line. Financially there is balancing and juggling act seen in the upcoming days. Reorganizing your finances and career shall rule the week.

LUCKY DAYS : 15, 16

LIBRA:  This week shall bring good news in the area of profession. There could be some new opportunities like job offer, new projects, thrown in by cosmos.  Work area shall see harmony.  Personal area will also be satisfactory and encouraging for many. There could be some social events also lined up for many. Overall a fine week.

LUCKY DAYS : 13, 14 

SCORPIO: Coupled ones will feel their is need to inject some fun back to the relationship. Single ones may need to take the chance and express to the person they desire. Alternatively  friendships and relationships in general will demand your attention in order to bring in energy and revive. Financially and career wise there are good opportunities and most natives will be in a happy place. Good time for further education if you are willing.

LUCKY DAYS : 12, 13 

SAGITTARIUS:  Adventure trip or a Road trip may be in mind. The week will have focus on communication demanding your attention from all directions. It shall be a fulfilling relationship week. Indication of bonds getting deeper. Financially it shall be a satisfying week and your work will see a steady upward movement.

LUCKY DAYS : 11, 12, 13

CAPRICORN: Many natives of this sign may realize that a balance is required in financial, professional goals , personal , self care is required to achieve their future milestones. Few may also consider learning a new trade or course to elevate the chances of higher productivity and hence earning. Relationships will be satisfying but requires nurturing too.

LUCKY DAYS : 13, 14, 15

AQUARIUS : Natives may feel stagnant or  uncertain about their career path. A lack of direction may keep you overthinking and feel moody at time. But Understand Nature takes it own course and let the events of your life unfold by itself. Continue working on your plans as earlier, as things will clearer with time. Financial anxieties will be for few natives. Relationship may feel lacking direction and a moment to step back and re-access is imperative. You also need to exempt yourself from discouraging people and negative relationships.

LUCKY DAYS : 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 

PISCES: Most natives would feel the need to take a break from the grind. New opportunities and New Job or projects are to appear. Financial abundance is seen. It is a good time for considering investments on new projects. New relationships are seen for few natives. Couple will see stability and abundance. Sense of excitement is seen in all areas for most natives.

LUCKY DAYS : 13, 14, 15

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