February 23, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 18th Aug – 24th Aug 2019 – By Indrani

ARIES:  The week ahead shall be full of determination and plenty of enthusiasm in professional endeavors. Being in touch with reality will provide you satisfaction. Over expectation from efforts should be kept in check. Keep moving forward and putting positive action. Relationships shall remain harmonious will your efforts and blessings of universe.

LUCKY DAYS : 18,20, 2

TAURUS: Week ahead shall be pleasant with a social events and invitations for many natives. Most of the week shall see pleasant bonding’s with friends, reunions or other group recreational activities. Most of you would want a refreshing change in your usual routine or goals.Overall the week shall be satisfying and fun filled for most natives.

LUCKY DAYS : 19, 23  

GEMINI: Healing of most important relationships for few. Harmonious interpersonal relationships is to be experienced in Home Life or Outside. Your past experiences has brought you an understanding of how you would like to shape your future. Do not hold on to pains or discomfort of past. Enjoy how your present is beautifully shaping up your future. Improvement in work area is seen. A little tiff may also arise towards the end which you can easily avoid.

CANCER: Most of the natives would strive to bring about a balance in their work and personal area. Realizations come naturally that a blaming destiny or issues would serve no assistance. Relationships with people and family members improve as you slowly achieve a state of balance, understanding and compassion. Positive outlook and productivity will be focus areas this week for most.


LEO: Connections with people become easy and expressions are fluid. interpersonal relationships and relationships with Loved ones will receive the blessings. Few natives may be able to connect a better bond with someone they care most Your confidence self will find it easy to take up any challenge or tackle any issue with ease. Professional area brightens and shows hope.

VIRGO: This week you have everything sorted in your mind. Your recent experiences has given you immense learning and maturity that success of any project or vision doesn’t require external assistance but your own wisdom and maturity to handle situations. An important relation will require your readiness to take a step up. As the week progresses natives will feel more determined and progressive towards their immediate goals. 


LIBRA:  It shall be a week of revaluation of your goals, desires, relationships and actions. Confidence boosts your morale and amps up the area of self improvement. Most native are now charging ahead with Financial and Work Plan Agendas. It shall be a productive weak for most natives. Health needs care and relationship will remain pleasant.

SCORPIO: An urge to change your emotional world rules your mind this week. There is a feeling of lack of equilibrium in both worlds be it professional or personal. Few natives may feel drained or unable to have time for their self care or healing. Most natives will focus now on bringing about changing aligned with their larger goals. One relationship in particular needs attention for most natives

SAGITTARIUS: Ability to share your deepest feelings to loved ones becomes easy to you this week. Most natives will feel no longer willing to hold on to their thoughts and expressions will find their way. Work area, and team projects, collaborative work will see upward movement due to your positive input and contribution. Do not hold yourself, be bold and say or do what you think is right.
LUCKY DAYS : 19. 20

CAPRICORN: Most Natives who have developed a feeling of not being unsuccessful or frustrated in a particular area of life, should wait for better days to come as your hard work will pay off soon. The time which you consider as lost are the ones in which you had learnt the most important lessons. Have patience and do not stop taking actions towards your larger goals. LUCKY DAYS : 18

AQUARIUS:  Work area shall receive necessary blessings. Collaborative work, team projects will be productive. Support is seen in your professional area. Enthusiastic and Productive energies will be felt by most natives. Connect with people, Reach out to people who can enlighten and contribute to your growth process. Relationship areas seems pleasant to most. Do not stop at anything.
LUCKY DAYS : 18, 20 

PISCES:  The week ahead will require you to accept reality that not every association will remain like that is. People come into our life , some choose to stay and some not. Moving On is what is life and accepting the same will infuse a positive and energetic mood into your week. You will also think about discipline, prioritizing as well as balance of personal and professional life.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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