March 31, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 25th Aug – 31st Aug 2019 – By Indrani

ARIES: This week throws light upon healing around Past Lingering issues that affected you personal relations or partnership equations. It is also a positive step towards Moving ahead, making amends, and making peace with past. Reconnecting, reestablishing will recharge your batteries for the weak ahead. Self Care, Healing and wellness related efforts will Bring Satisfaction

TAURUS: The week ahead will be a reformative week in terms of analyzing your Virtues and Vices. As introspection Gets focused, you will soon be able to know what stops you from getting what you want and adopt a change in strategies. Relationships will be harmonious this week..
LUCKY DAY : 25  

GEMINI: A trans formative new week ahead as you analyse your past success , blockages, efforts required and your future goals in the realms of Home life, Professional Goals and Interpersonal equations. Restructuring your Habits, Plans, Ideas, representation of self and routine shall take priority.
LUCKY DAY : 26.25 

CANCER : A week ahead in achieving emotional clarity, achieving a state of equilibrium between your Heart , soul, mind and desires.  In a way it is a Bright week with opportunities if you know to give direction to your communication and achieve a flexible, receptive point of view. It is a hopeful and positive week for most.
LUCKY DAY : 25, 27, 28. 29 

LEO: Re-assessing your goals, your efforts, shortcomings, and areas of improvement will be highlighted in your mind in the week ahead. Making a priority list , agenda in tune with your larger goals will be ideal. Relationship receives blessing only with your honest expressions. It shall be a positive week As you attain clarity in many areas of life and release negative patterns and ideas that are deterrent to your progress.
LUCKY DAY : 26, 27, 29, 30 

VIRGO:    A productive week as you gain clarity over your perspective image, representation of self and how you want to be received. You would feel bright and confident. Work area and larger goals also receives blessings as you plan, strategize and strive to bring about an orderliness. Your creativity and skills gets well received as you put yourself in front of a larger audience.
LUCKY DAY : 27, 28, 29 

LIBRA: A silent week this shall me for many natives. It will be a good week for reassessing your goals, revisiting you plans and strategies. Also most natives would feel like working in silence and taking constructive steps.Most native would like to have a solo time to recharge rejuvenate. Taking steps towards building important relationships also will be fruitful.
LUCKY DAY : 29, 30, 31 

SCORPIO: It shall be a positive week around self Improvement,tranquil and interpersonal relationships. Self care and health regimes also take priority. Relationships which  you hold dear has delightful surprises for many. Be open to step up to your expectations and others too. Work area shall be satisfying too
LUCKY DAY : 25  

SAGITTARIUS: There could be relationship dilemmas in store for many natives or facing the fear can be in store for Many too. If honest and emotional conversations are held, it could be a delightful week for many natives. Also reconnecting with inner self. desires in professional and personal front will be highlighted by the cosmos. Time to mediate.
LUCKY DAY : 25  

CAPRICORN:   A positive week for most natives as you apply your lessons of past to your mission of future be it personal or professional area of life. Researching, educating, improving your skillset , taking views of others will be highlighted. Some restless energy is also seen towards later part of the week, channelize the same to positive.
LUCKY DAY : 25, 26 

AQUARIUS: A sense of satisfaction arrives as you reach a orderliness in your thoughts and clarity of your goals. Your inner confidence gets highlighted and gives shape to a rewarding new phase of life.  A balance is also required in health care, self healing and efforts towards goals. Love and interpersonal relationships also blossom when you make your move with confidence or  speak honestly.
LUCKY DAY : 28, 29 

PISCES: Some work related issues or a person from professional realm may throw a wrench to your progress however if you handle it well you would move unscathed.  Keep your positive attitude and creative ideas growing and throw yourself into constructive progressive thought. Meaningful conversations are highlighted this week, be ready to receive information which shall help you in your path. Personal relationships will be pleasant.

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