February 27, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction – Ist Sept – 7th Sept 2019 – By Indrani

ARIES: Stay Grounded focused and determined about your goals, strategies and process of transformation and do not be deterred when there are oppositions or wrenches on your way. Analyse what tools you need and how you can upgrade yourself  for newer challenges. For getting success , you also need a support system at home or at work. Bond, Build bridges, and stay calm collected.

TAURUS: Take a leap of faith. Cosmos is ready to support you, hence have self faith, belief on your idea and projects and take the step towards uncharted territories. Most natives will have a inspiring/ pleasant work life. Personal relationships and connections will be blessed by the cosmos this week.

GEMINI:  Much of the week will be a test of your grandiose and strong analytical abilities to surge ahead through good or not so good circumstances.  Stay connected to your intuition, and self belief , as that shall help you to reach where you want to or accomplish. Understand that Life is a Mary Go round for each. Interpersonal relationships shall also remain cordial and supportive.

CANCER : This could be a decisive week for  many regarding certain relationships, close or not.  Listen to your intuitions  and draw conclusions with a balance between head and heart.Self Healing and Self Care routine will lead your thoughts. It is a good week to make changes, change routine, and make constructive progress in matters of  hearth, health and mind.

LEO : This week calls for being emotionally mature and staying deep seated in riled up situations of own or others. Be a wiser and controlled person. Approach any career or work related endeavors with realistic expectations only. Love and personal relationship areas shall be cordial and harmonious.

VIRGO :  This week shall be a mixed bag in area of finances, work and career. You will have many productive and pleasant results in few endeavors and few setbacks as well. Accept everything with grace. Love and interpersonal relationships will be more pleasant this week. Interpersonal relations will be supportive whole week for most natives

LIBRA : This week requires to take action. Take concrete steps around career endeavors, Table your proposal to that professional Goal, Hold that conversation which you had been meaning to. Only Contemplation, day dreaming or fretting over  your ideas and disappointments wont solve the purpose. Be Optimistic and take concrete steps in your professional, career and interpersonal realms. 

SCORPIO :  It shall be an overwhelmingly positive week at work and career front for Many natives. Interpersonal relations will be beautifully blessed this week for most. Your ideas, and charm will be well received. Your hard work pays off. Build Bridges, bond with people, go about presenting the best version of you this week.

SAGITTARIUS: It is a pleasant week for most natives around professional and relationships. Goals and ambitions will be supercharged , as well as honest conversations with loved ones will be very easy. It shall be a hopeful week. A forward moving week from past grief, disappointments, failures, and negativity. Open your mind to receive the heavenly blessings.
CAPRICORN   It will be a progressive week for most natives. You may find yourself enrolling for a new course, taking up efforts to educate yourself, Trying your hands on some new projects or applying for new Jobs. Most natives shall be willing to move forward with Optimism.  Moving ahead is ideal for Progress. 

AQUARIUS: This week calls upon the natives to bring about a balance in mind, health, actions, spiritual, Psychological. Clarity of Mind is much required to make progress and so is balance, which you would realize this week. Reflect on self  take actionable steps, expect realistic results. Hold Open and honest conversations. Tune into your self.

PISCES: This will  will have most of the natives worrying or considering financial decisions or financial realm. There could be a dreamy tone to the whole week for many natives as well. You are required to come back to your practical world away from your daydreaming. Interpersonal relationships shall be cordial

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