February 23, 2020

Ankit Bathla buys a new car!

Besides acting like a pro, another thing that actor Ankit Bathla excels at is driving cars. The Paramavtar Shri Krishna actor, who plays the role of Arjun, is passionate about cars and loves to go on long rides whenever he gets time. He recently bought a new car which in red in color. “I love driving in general and long drives in particular but I am addicted to automatic cars. I change my car every 2 years generally and always on Ganpati. I bought a red creta this time” he says.

Ask him what he loves the most about owning a luxury car, and he says, “The comfort and also as I love taking my friends for long drives, it makes the experience amazing.”

In fact, this fondness for automobiles started as a child. “I always wanted to get a bike but my parents never allowed it, so I was left with cars,” he says.

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