April 5, 2020
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Felicity Theatre presents “OVEE”, Directed by Aniket Patil

India’s first Hindi horror play to stun audiences as it premiers in New Delhi!

The leading theatre company Felicity Theatre is all set to wow audiences yet again, with India’s first Hindi horror play OVEE directed by Aniket Patil. OVEE is a brilliantly crafted horror thriller that brings a new dimension to the world of Hindi theatre. This is a story of a teenage girl who losses her parents at an early age and is sent to an orphanage by her paternal uncle. During her stay she starts experiencing paranormal activities and this story is her struggle to survive and overcome her fears. Be prepared for a gripping theatrical experience filled with suspense that will give you goose bumps and send shivers down your spine and keep you sitting on the edge of your seat all through the performance. Starring Rohit Roy, Sayantani Ghosh,Deeksha Agnihotir and Ridhima Bedi amongs others, OVEE has an extremely talented cast of actors from film, television and theater. OVEE is all set to stun audiences for the first time in New Delhi with its premier on Saturday 7th September and Sunday 8th September 2019 at Kamani Auditorium.

“Mr Aniket Patil, Director, OVEE Says”- I am extremely excited about bringing the horror zoner to Hindi theater for the first time. OVEE has been a super hit in Marathi & Guajarati theater and the Hindi adaptation is even bigger thanks to the wide range of special effects slik sets and lighting that promises to create a life changing experience for theater lovers”. Rahul Bhuchar, Producer and MD, Felicity Theatre added “It has always been our endeavour to bring the finest theater to audiences and it gives me great pride to introduce India’s first Hindi horror play. This technology driven production is high on special effects, a powerful script and brilliant actors that promises to keep the audience glued to their seats till the very last minute”

Ovee’s narrative revolves around the story of a teenage girl who lost her parents in her childhood and is sent to an orphanage. There she is an occupant in a room where a girl was murdered some time ago. During her stay OVEE (Diksha Agnihotri) starts experiencing paranormal activities. Along with OVEE, this story also revolves around Sadhana (Sayantani Ghosh) who is the Manageress of the orphanage. The way that she deals with the situation when she gets to know about these paranormal activities happening in the orphanage is remarkable. She then turns for help to her college friend Nikhil (Rohit Roy) who his now a practicing psychiatrist. Ovee is the first live hindi horror play that breaks exsisting benchmarks with its mind boggling hi-tech special effects, amazing lighting and a specially composed sound track that heightens the viewing experience. Watch a human suddenly disappear and all things levitate in the air! Stuff that has never been seen before in life theater and keeps your adrenalin pumping with the fear of the unknown.

OVEE is an extra ordinary theatrical and this play advocates that ‘we are not alone at all; there is always a fear within us all the time and what we desire always lies behind the wall of our fears.’

Tickets are between priced Rs.400 to Rs 2900 and can be bought at www.bookmyshow.com
Date : Saturday, 7th September, 2019 at 04:00 PM & 07:00 PM, Sunday 8th September, 2019 at 4.00 Pm & 7.00 Pm
Venue: Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi.

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