February 28, 2020

Mohit Malik Celebrates An Eco-Friendly Ganpati With Fans From Across The World

Actor Mohit Malik celebrates 10 years of Ganpati in his house amidst friends, family, and fans.
As Mumbai celebrates its favorite festival the actor took to his social media to spread the message of eco-friendly Ganpati urging fans to share the most eco-friendly way to celebrate the festival.

The actor along with wife Addite Malik celebrated the milestone year by inviting a few lucky fans from all over the world to come and celebrate the special occasion with him. These special bunch of fans who had flown all the way from Dubai, Kolkata, Hyderabad shared lunch, clicked pictures, and received prasad from the actor. Mohit also went live on Instagram to share the experience with his social media family.

What a unique and great initiative by the actor and we hope this festive season everyone goes the eco-friendly way.

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