April 8, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 15th Sept – 21st Sept 2019 – By Indrani

ARIES:  The week shall be blessed for relationships and connections. However the week calls upon to steer clear of any impulsive, over confidence and “doing it alone” in professional or career related situations or projects. You are required to reach out to your inner wisdom and also keep your ears open for suggestions. Taking advice will empower you. Finances shall be fine.

TAURUS:  This week shall require the natives to be assertive and adopt a forthright representation of self. Steer away from indecisiveness if some of you are still in cross roads in matters of relationships or professional goals. This week Group Projects, Presentations new initiations in career will be favorable. Also relationship talks shall now find direction if you chose to speak with clarity.

GEMINI: It shall be imperative for natives this week to evaluate and do research before committing to any project or decision in personal realm. If you are in a crossroad regarding certain decision through fact checking, applying logic and wisdom. There shall be a easy going energy in this week, hence relationships will be harmonious. 
LUCKY DAYS: 18. 19 

CANCER : This shall be a harmonious and blessed week in the relationship sector. The past lessons and self reflections will now be helpful to you for forging stronger bond with people and someone in particular.  New Plans and decisions will be made in a positive manner in the relationship sector. Profession and Career area shall remain satisfactory to most natives. LUCKY DAYS: 17, 18

LEO: Most Natives will Like to spend this week in solicitude and search for inner tranquil. There is a tiresome energy in your mind and space, excessive socializing, networking or overwork could be possible reasons.  An Easy going and relaxed approach will help you navigate till the midweek, soon after which you would be able to get to your usual element of confidence and enthusiasm. 

VIRGO: This shall be a week of release of something that you had been holding on for quite long and which was a hindrance to your progress. It could be a person, or a habit or a Notion or it could a habit of doubting yourself or someone else. This week relationships are blessed with most natives reaching a clarity.  Group projects or collaborative efforts may not be beneficial. Walk alone for success this week and trust in self. 
 LUCKY DAYS: 15, 16 

LIBRA: Most natives have a blessed time till midweek in the relationship realm or with a special someone. From Midweek few natives may have to face a resistant energy or riled up situation with some people in your life. Seek help and advise from trusted ones. It could be a emotionally intense week for most natives. Professional area shall remain satisfactory or average for natives.
LUCKY DAYS: 17, 18 

SCORPIO: This week’s focus is on new beginnings in relationships with colleagues,  friends and special someone. The week shall call upon you to take a step towards positive direction in order to achieve what you want to in the relationship space. Professionally it will be a productive week and you will be lauded by people however there could be occasional confusions while implementing some very creative ideas of yours. Take advice.
LUCKY DAYS: 15, 19

SAGITTARIUS: This week calls for a major decision to be taken in personal sphere as well as professional realm. Merely the visualization of obstacles in the progress must not deter as it is worth the try sooner than later. Financially this shall be a satisfactory week for most. Relationships and home life shall be fine too. Try to achieve clarity this week.
LUCKY DAYS: 16 , 17 

CAPRICORN: There is a restless and impulsive energy felt throughout the week. Natives should refrain from acting out of haste and focus on taking action only after enough thinking and fact finding. You cant push results as desired by working on a unclear path. Efforts towards enhancing your skill set, knowledgeand research would be encouraging. Relationships shall be satisfactory. 
LUCKY DAYS: 18, 20 

AQUARIUS: This is a good week to put forth all your plans towards financial goals, business , profession or career. Natives are advised to work on a strategy and with emotional reactions at bay. Do not look for support or assistance, believe in self and surge ahead with action in mind towards your goals. Relationships will remain cordial. Singles Must keep emotions under control.

PISCES: Most natives shall have a productive week in career and professional realms. You are being advised to follow a routine and well laid plan so in order to avoid getting confusions or derailment from the progress path. Prioritize in matters of relationships to avoid any misunderstandings. For Most this shall be a busy and exhausting week, to avoid to let it be daunting use a journal with a checklist.


Indrani – Tarot Reader

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